A Complete Guide to Customizing Your Ideal IKEA Bookshelf

Table of contents:

1. Introduction

2. Understanding Your Choices

3. Customizing Your Own IKEA Bookshelf

4. Making it Unique

5. Maintaining Your IKEA Bookshelf

6. Conclusion


Setting the tone of your living space, your comfort-zones, with details tailored uniquely for you is an experience everyone longs for. One of the pieces that complements a cozy habitat is the bookshelf. The picture of a well-organized IKEA bookshelf, housing your world of thoughts, bringing personality to your room, is eye-soothing and heart-warming simultaneously. And when it’s a custom-built IKEA bookshelf, the feeling enriches. At IKEA, you’ll find a wide array of choices for bookshelves that can be customized to match your style and requirements.

Understanding Your Choices

At IKEA, there’s an extensive range of bookshelves you can choose from, each with its distinctive features. From the Billy Bookcase, staple of IKEA’s storage since 1979, to the sleek, modern Kallax, and the Hemnes range made of solid wood, every choice offers flexible dimensions and formats that fit easily into your space while serving a range of functionalities.

Billy Bookcase: This classic IKEA bookshelf was designed to adapt to your books’ sizes and accommodate them with adjustable shelving solutions. Billy’s timeless design, easy assembly, and adaptability are its strong points.

Kallax Shelf: The Kallax series offers sleek, minimalist design with a lot of versatility. Its open format and optional organizing inserts mean this bookshelf can be tailored to your storage needs.

Hemnes Bookshelf: Hemnes series is a more traditional wooden bookshelf, offering durability and class at the same time. It serves as a good choice for heavy hardbound tomes and statement pieces

Customizing Your Own IKEA Bookshelf

Customizing your IKEA bookshelf is the next interesting phase. You can make your home furnishings reflect your style with simple DIY methods or with IKEA’s variety of do-it-yourself accessories.

1. Assemble: Start by choosing the bookshelf that suits your needs. Depending on the model, your shelves can be adjusted to fit different sizes of books or display articles.

2. Finishing Touches: Choose your desired color or varnish for an impressive finished aesthetic. IKEA offers options for color sprays and paint suitable for different materials.

3. Decorative Doors: IKEA gives you the liberty to add doors to your bookshelf kits. They provide a polished look and offer extra dust protection for your books.

4. Lighting: Install integrated lighting options to emphasize your favorite books or other showcased items.

Making it Unique

The more personalized your IKEA bookshelf, the better. Here are a few ways to give your bookshelf a unique touch.

1. Background Decals: Make a bold statement by applying decals or a bright shade at the back of your bookshelf.

2. Organizing Tools: IKEA offers a range of dedicated tools to organize your shelves like boxes, dividers, and even bins that can add aesthetic appeal and practicality.

3. Mixed Usage: The bottom shelf can serve as a shoe rack, or provide storage for baskets.

Maintaining your IKEA Bookshelf

A periodic dusting using a dry cloth will keep your bookcase free of dust. Avoid direct sunlight to preserve the color of your bookshelf. If you have chosen a wooden bookshelf, a liquid wood cleaner can help maintain its sheen.


Owning a customized IKEA bookshelf should be a delightful experience. The charm of it – a reflection of your personality and an element of organized elegance in your home. In the end, the perfect bookshelf is one that fits your space, matches your style, and holds your books. At IKEA you’re presented with the possibilities and the tools – the final design, however, is a creation uniquely your own.

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