Why Some Get Lucky While Others Don’t

Why Some Get Lucky While Others Don’t

Do you know the concept of ‘luck‘? According to dictionary.com, luck is a “combination of circumstances, events, etc., operating by chance to bring good or ill to a person”. Although luck (or bad luck for that matter) seems to appear by chance and fully randomly, there are many people who seem to get lucky time after time, while others are haunted by bad luck their entire lives.

This makes me think, and actually re-consider the definition of fully randomized luck. Because of the luck of bad luck is nothing but a combination of circumstances, what are our chances or influencing those circumstances, and therewith influencing the kind of luck we are receiving?

I have had good luck and bad luck in my life, and I think most people had some form of positive and negative experiences. But there are also some major differences between the times when I had good luck, and those when I had bad luck: it was mainly my way of thinking and inner mindset.

During some of the most successful moments of my life, it seemed as if everything was right: the circumstances were right, the opportunity was there, I had contact with the right people who supported me. Everything simply seemed to be in place. But more importantly: my inner mindset was right; I was optimistic, filled with energy, prepared to go the extra mile to get the best possible results, and I was telling lots of people my thoughts, and asking them for their help. These traits are typically found it extremely successful people; they are excellent time managers, they work hard and with a lot of passion, and they have very large networks of people, who are willing to help them.

On the other hand, bad luck might well be the result of pessimistic thinking, small social networks, mediocre results, and low energy.

So, how do you create luck?

The big question is, what you can do to get lucky and to experience the same level of luck that thousands of extremely successful people are experiencing. The question is difficult, and the answer complex.

One of the main solutions in finding luck starts with yourself, and the way you think and actually represent yourself to the world. Lucky people are very passionate about what they do, and they have a clear target and an even clearer focus on that target. They are prepared to do the extra work to achieve it, even if it means only to potentially be rewarded at a later time.

But the second trait is that lucky people seek opportunities, or they draw opportunities towards them. They do this by presenting themselves and their ideas to the world, and to their entire social network. The larger a social network is, the bigger is there the chance, that someone might present you with the opportunity you had been seeking for. This, of course, assumes that your network perceives you as someone who is self-confident, hard-working, and successful.

Wrapping it up

In my experience, getting lucky is a matter of inner mindset, and the way you are passionate about life, and the things you do. But also your ability to transport your ideas and wishes into the world makes a big difference. The last characteristic is that lucky people actually grasp the opportunities they are presented with. Many people who seem to have bad luck, actually don’t have bad luck; they are simply hesitant to grasp an opportunity and to try out something new, out of fear to fail.

Also, I would like to note at this point that this article focuses on business and personal opportunities; sometimes, terrible events simply happen, such as losing a loved one or being involved in a severe accident. Such events are of course dreadful and are unlikely to have the potential to being influenced.

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