7 Solid Reasons Why Photo Badges Are Taking Over The Web

Why Photo Badges Are Taking Over The Web

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of photo badges on the web. These are those high quality images with the title of a post or a famous quote and the address if the blog or social media channel that produced it. They’ve been around for a while but they’ve becoming much more common in recent years with the move towards the more visual internet.The changes in Google plus, Facebook and Pinterest have all propelled sites towards creating this type of context but let’s look at some great reasons for creating photo badges.

They sum up the post

When you create a photo badge you need to think about what your message is from your post. What do you want people to think when they read it, what lessons, question or idea do you want to leave them with? This is often similar to writing a great headline but it doesn’t have to be. You can just find a great quite, create a checklist of action points or summarize your main points.

The focus your writing

If you make your photo badge first then it can help direct the rest of your writing. It can help you stay on task and not go off on tangents. Much like using a good image can help direct your thoughts, adding a text summary, quote or list of action points can help you stay on track and remove tangents.

They can inspire you writing further

Alternatively they can inspire you beyond the obvious, when you find a good image for the text you’re thinking of using it can stir up extra emotions and thoughts connected with the topic. This might help you expand your post beyond what you had previously thought of.

They are insanely shareable

There’s something about sharing images online. All the social networks know it and it’s only going to increase. Photobadges are a great example of this, people are becoming more wary of sharing blog posts and links, it feels like a big risk of their social currency, but sharing an image with some great action points, quote or and intriguing title is much easier. Getting your blog address or logo in the corner will insure that people know it’s from you.

Pinterest is a gold mine for traffic

Linked in to the point above is the incredible growth of Pinterest. There are some incredible statistics coming about about people’s use of Pinterest to reach people online (article coming soon) and while Pinterest certainly favours certain types of images (recipes, design, quotes, infographics) good images are still appreciated. Currently Pinterest is somewhere near the third biggest social network in terms of activity and for many people it is the top or second highest referral of blog traffic.

They aren’t difficult to make

Photobadges really don’t have to be difficult to make. If you want a quote, follow the Hanna’s example and go to the quote factory, they have plenty of ready made examples. If you want to create your own with your blog post title/ blog name etc then here are a few resources.

They are free advertising

In many way a good photo badge is just free advertising on a social network. You don’t need to pay for them and they have the same effect as a good bullet-board on passing traffic, only you can link people to a useful resource.So there you have it, there really isn’t a good reason not to start including photo badges on your posts. Coming soon we’ll look at some editing tips to make your photo badges stand out from the crowd.

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