5 Must Read Critical Reasons Why Headlines Are Worth Spending Time On

5 Must Read Reasons Why Headlines Are Worth Spending Time On

Today we kick off our new series looking at everything to do with headlines for bloggers. I hope you already know the incredible value of headlines but today I want to briefly look at the incredible benefits good headlines can bring to your blog.

1. Headlines Focus Your Writing

One of the less talked about benefits of Headlines is that they can help you focus your writing. I used to go off on a million tangents in my blog posts and followed a winding path. There isn’t anything necessarily wrong with this but If a reader wants a post about “how to do X” and it ends up talking about how it’s all gone wrong with your football team this year, they’ll be disappointed. Not just that but if you want to talk about an issue…talk about it! Don’t talk about everything around it, you can do that on another occasion.

2. Headlines Catch Attention

This is a pretty big deal for two reasons, which we’ll go into in a second, but the basic gist of it is that if you can catch someone’s attention (in a good way) then they are more likely to check out your blog.

Headlines Bring People From Social Media

If you see an attractive headline on a social media site then you are much more likely to click on it then one that isn’t as good. What makes a good headline is definitely something for another occasion but the primary thing to consider is “does this make someone want to find out more?” if it is no then it’s not good.

Headline Bring People From Google

Likewise when people see a list of search results, they are very likely to click on the first one, but after that the major differences are going to come down to the headline. If they see a confusing headline or one that isn’t very appealing they are less likely to click on it.

3. Headlines Are Good For SEO

Linked in with the point above, one of the primary factors in helping a search engine to rank your site is the quality of the headline. If you have a poor headline then you are going to end up lower on the rankings of Google and other search engines.

When you combine this with a catchy attention grabbing headline then you are on to a winner.

4. Headlines Focus The Readers Attention

This one is vital and I don’t see it talked about enough. Just like the cover of a book, a headline gives people an impression as to what they are going to get in the blog post. This will help them focus on your core points and main theme. A poor headline will mean they have to spend time and effort searching for the meaning (and here’s a tip. People are lazy and don’t like thinking. Take away the thinking for them)

5. Your Headline Is Your Book Cover

In many ways, your headline is your book cover. Although we are moving towards a more image centric web, text is still the primary factor. The fact of the matter is that your headline is the first point of call that people see and if it is bad, it will be the only thing they see. However, if you write an eye catching and appealing headline then you at least have a chance to get people to read your article.

If you have a great post but a rubbish headline then many people will never know. Yeah, Headlines are kind of a big deal.

How much time do you spend on your headlines?

A final thought for today’s post to get you ready for the next posts. I want you to think about how long you usually spend on writing a headline? Think about it in both terms of actual time and relative time to everything else you do on your blog.

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