8 Approved Tips on How to Look Hot

8 Tips on How to Look Hot

Do you envy the hot and sexy curves of your friends? Do you wish you had the same? Have you always wanted to look attractive and hot? If yes, then this article is the right stop for you. So, you are dying to look hot and good, but have no clue about how to proceed.

Well, most other girls, like you, don’t know either. But with some knowledge about what’s in and hot, you can get the most glamorous and flattering look you’ve always wanted to sport. Following the tips given below for looking hot and glamorous won’t be as hard as you think it to be. Read on and enhance your looks in a hot and stylish manner. 

Perfect that Posture

Though those fashionable clothes of the sexy Marilyn Monroe donned by you may let you look like a carbon copy of hers, that slumping around is surely not going to make you the “wannabe hottie” in town. Besides your fashion statement, it is your posture that matters and counts more. Only when you walk straight with your head held high, you’ll look more graceful, healthy, and confident. Hence, improve your posture as a first step to look hot and glamorous

Sport Heels

Give a sexy strut and more curves to your figure by sporting heels more often. It is vital to give your booty a boost up and include yourself in the list of top glam girls. What’s more, your body is lengthened by heels, thereby giving you a longer line; thus, making you look taller and your clothes better, unlike flat footwear which gives you a stubby and frumpy appearance. Be it formal clothing or casual outfits, heels complement all attire to perfection. 

Ins and Outs of Comfort

Never follow a fashion trend just because it is ‘in’ and you want to show that you are updated and love being in style. If you aren’t comfortable with the current trend, it is best not to follow it. It’s not wrong to be aware of the latest ins and outs, but follow only those which suit you and enhance your personality. It’s no point picking up a tank top and hot shorts if you are a little chubby just because they are in, for you would be tagged “football” instead of a “hottie”. Instead, stick to your regular attire to be comfortable and confident. 

Right Accessories

Limit your spending on your clothes and splurge a little bit extra on quality shoes, bags, belts, and coats. While natural fibers exude a more luxurious vibe to your attire, lavish accessories will make the wardrobe look expensive and stylish. Putting on cheap-looking shoes and bags can bring down even the most extravagant outfit to several notches. So, when looking hot and extra glamorous is what you are targeting, complementing your ensemble with the right, yet pricey, accessories are extremely significant. 

Fresh Makeup

Using the same lipstick and foundation color year after year can be a major cause for your low glam and “cold” look. The fresher you look, the more attractive and good you’ll appear. Just like complexions change with every season, so should colors. You do not have to raid a bank for buying a great makeup bag.

Essential products, like mascara, eyeliner, blush, eye shadow, and kohl can be purchased for different seasons and stored. Also, keep it simple, with a dab of concealer under the eyes. Avoid heavy colors and matte texture, as they give the appearance of you wearing full-face makeup.

Stylish Hairdo

The technique that applies to makeup follows with a hairstyle as well. Have you been wearing the same haircut and color for a long time? Or do you change your cut and color every 5 days? Both situations are equally bad. Visit a good hairdresser and get a proper haircut. Invest in some money and walk out with a chic hairdo that suits you and gives you a hot and beautiful look. Smear red hot lipstick on your luscious lips and blow dry your hair for that added attention.

Lots of Oomph & Attitude

To stand out, you need to portray oodles of attitude and confidence. Your head slightly hung low and not feeling good about yourself will have all those efforts of gifting yourself an attractive physical appearance go right away into the drain. Complement your ensemble with the right posture and body language to feel a million bucks and receive the right amount of attention. 

Most importantly, feel good about yourself to look good and hot. Go and get that “killer look” before you are surpassed by another stylish honey, in town.

Cover Image by Shahid Shafiq from Pixabay

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