9 Brilliant Tips for Cocktail Party Attire for Men

9 Brilliant Tips for Cocktail Party Attire for Men

Just as there are some social and moral behavioral codes that you need to stick to while at a social gathering, there are certain dress codes that you need to adhere to while attending a soiree.

Even when it’s a cocktail party, business, or personal, you’re required to follow a proper dress-up protocol to avoid being the “odd one out” in the party. And for people, especially men, it is one of the most confusing dispositions to be in, as they’re not entirely sure whether to go for a complete formal look or to go for a semi-formal/semi-casual look.

To put an end to all the dressing disarrays, the term “Cocktail Attire” implies both, the dress code for a cocktail party as well as referring to the dress code for other social gatherings or fine dining. Technically, cocktail attire for men means a suit and a tie, or a coat and a tie, with color and fabric varying according to the season, location, and event. Read through the following lines to know more about cocktail attire for men and move out of these worrisome positions. 

  1. The dilemma of whether to dress in complete formals or semi-formals arises when you don’t know how formal/informal the party is going to be. Therefore, the first step is to recognize how the invitation was sent-is it a business cocktail party or a personal cocktail party, and what’s the venue where the cocktail party is being held.
  2. If the invitation was sent through a formal channel like an invitation card or a pass, chances are that the party is going to be a pretty formal affair and you’ll need to dress up according to the need of the hour: completely formal with a black suit and tie. If the invitation has been sent through an informal channel like a phone call or email, it’ll be more of an informal party unless otherwise said so.
  3. Go through the invitation to make sure there isn’t any pre-described dress code, in which case you won’t have to choose at all but wear what has been asked of you. A black-tie event is generally announced via some kind of official medium like engraved on an invitation card or the email.
  4. If nothing at all has been mentioned on the invitation card it’s best to dress according to the venue. If it’s a luxury hotel then dressing up in complete formals will be the way to go about it.
  5. Depending upon the season: summer, winter, or spring; the dressing will vary. During summers, you can wear suits made of lightweight fabric and experiment with subtly colored clothing. During fall or winter, earthly toned colors like dark brown, navy, charcoal, etc are the best of options.
  6. The choice of dressing can also vary according to the time of the party: day, evening, or night. A formal suit is almost self-mandatory if the party is held during the evening or at night. However, you can ease up a little with less formal attire like khaki, shirt, and a blazer for a daytime affair.
  7. Disregarding whether the attire is formal or semi-formal, the footwear to go with it is always to be lace-up or loafer-style shoes. As for the socks, wear the ones that match the color of your pants rather than white socks.
  8. If you plan to bring a companion along with you, it’s recommended that you two synchronize your outfits according to the demand of the occasion.
  9. If you’re unsure about any of the things, it’s always a good idea to confirm beforehand when at the time you’re being invited for the cocktail party via telephone; or if through any other way, then contacting the person who sent the invite and enquiring about what type of party and what dress code it is going to be. 

Stick to these tips and don’t be shy of asking the inviter to reassure yourself as to what type of cocktail party it is and what the dress code is going to be. Look dashing, Look in place!

Cover Image by Simon Alpha from Pixabay

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