5 Tips For Better Daily Skin Care Routine

5 Tips For Better Daily Skin Care Routine

Daily skin care is actually a simple process consisting of a few simple steps. They are the same for everyone irrespective of skin type. Follow them diligently and you will see for yourself how much of a difference they can make to your skin’s health. 

The skin is not only the largest organ of your body but also the most attractive. Honestly speaking, if you had the most toned physique and lustrous mane, but a cracked, parched, blemished skin, then all your efforts to look good would surely go in vain, for there is no bigger turn-off than bad skin that looks a little like the alligator’s hide.

Indeed, blessed are those who have perfect skin, but then that luck will only hold well as long as you take enough care to maintain your skin health. In addition, be practical, by skin, we mean the skin on your face. The skin on your face needs greater care as it is constantly exposed.

Taking care of it does not mean that you need to go out of your way to keep it healthy. This procedure can be easily incorporated into your daily life with a few effective daily skincare routines. Here is more on how you can fit in a few healthy skincare habits in your life. 

Daily Skin Care


Cleansing is an important part of daily skincare. Cleansing helps in removing dirt and dust accumulated over the day. Good quality cleansers, which are easily available in the market, can be used for this purpose. The use of soap-based cleansers is best avoided as they leave the skin very dry.

If you are someone with oily skin, it is advisable that you cleanse your face twice a day, once in the morning and before bedtime. Washing frequently is also not advisable as it can invigorate your oil cells into going overdrive. Mattifying cleansers are best for oily skin. If you have dry skin, then cleansing only once a day should suffice. A creamy foaming cleanser works best and it is advisable to cleanse before you go to bed. 


Exfoliation is essential for disposing of old and dead skin cells and exposing new cells. This is done by gently scrubbing the face. Whiteheads and blackheads are also removed this way. Scrubbing in a circular motion is best for the skin. Exfoliation is more important for oily skin than it is for those with dry skin.

A mild exfoliating scrub is used to exfoliate. It is advisable to exfoliate twice a week and later wash the face with lukewarm water. Dry skin is required to be exfoliated only once a week. Exfoliating more than once would actually be detrimental to the cause. 


Moisturizing is one of the most important steps in daily skincare. Every type of skin needs to be moisturized. Oily skin should be moisturized using moisturizers, which are oil-free. Make sure that not too much moisturizer is used. Dry skin requires moisturizing to prevent it from further drying up. It is advisable to use the moisturizer thrice a day. 

Facial Mask

A facial mask is another step in your skincare routine. Facemasks refer to the application of a prepared paste on your face and allowing it to rest before rinsing off. Oily skin requires a facial mask twice a week as it helps in retaining the natural glow and prevents breakouts and acne.

There are many facial masks suitable for oily skin that can be prepared at home. These masks can be applied to your face and washed off after 15-20 minutes. Dry skin requires a facemask that smoothens the skin and helps it retain its natural glow. Pastes suitable for dry skin can be prepared at home and should be applied and left for 15-20 minutes before it is washed away with cool water. 

A few of these steps are not exactly ones that can or should be carried out daily. Yet their importance need not be taken lightly. Following them diligently is not only beneficial to your skin, but will also save you from blowing away tons of cash on unnecessary beauty treatments.

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