5 Tips On How To Stay Fit Every Day

5 Tips On How To Stay Fit Every Day

Staying fit is probably one of the top priorities for many people; it is healthy to the body and the mind, it results in a more relaxed and confident body posture, and it simply looks good. Yet despite all good intentions and planning these same people find all possible reasons not to do sports, whether these reasons are a lack of time, no money available, or the weather being rainy and cold.

Still, there are some basic things you can do in everyday life to stay fit, at least a little bit. These activities might not quite measure up to the intensive type of workout you might have at the gym or while jogging, but when they are done regularly, they do make a good contribution to one’s health.


This is my all-time favorite, also because I am originally Dutch: riding the bicycle. Cycling is extremely healthy, and it is a good workout if you do it regularly. Cycling is especially practical for short distances, either when you are commuting from and to work, when you are doing some light groceries, or when visiting someone. The trick with cycling is not to see it as a workout, but actually, as a beneficial means of transportation which is easy, very cheap, and ideal in an urban setting where parking space is either difficult to find or very expensive. Also, since it is a basic means of transportation you actually don’t have to dedicate any special time to it.

When you are cycling, you do not need to give it all your best. One of the best ways is to keep an easy-going speed, so that you will not sweat, and you don’t have to change your clothes. The Dutch use their bicycle every day, and there are more bicycles in that country than there are cars.

Taking a walk

For short distances, why not walk? Walking is healthy, as is being outside. Whether you are doing some groceries or visiting someone, walking for 15 minutes in one direction is not really a lot. Yes, you might reach your destination by car in only 5 minutes and save a bit of time, but in these 10 extra minutes that you walk to your destination, you can do something good for your health.

Taking the stairs

Whenever you have the option to take either the elevator or the stairs, try to choose to take the stairs whenever possible. Taking the stairs on a regular basis might make a good contribution to your overall health, as long as the distance you have to climb is not exaggerated; of course, it would be too much to take the stairs if you have to go to the 40th floor. But then again, you can always exit the staircase when you get too tired and go the rest by elevator.

The 15-minute workout at home

I am sure that there must be 5 minutes you can spare, at some point during the day; perhaps while you are watching television, after waking up in the morning, or while waiting for dinner to get ready in the oven. You actually don’t always need weights in order to do a home-based workout. All you need to do is get into some comfortable clothing, and have the will power to spend your time efficiently while doing something good for the body.

If you want more information about doing a home-based workout without weights, you may want to visit the following article at Men’s Health: The No-Gym, No Excuses Workout

Fresh and homemade cooking

The last tip is not about exercise, but it’s more about nutrition. Although we have tons of low-fat products available, sugar is one of the main problems today. Even in low-fat products, there is a lot of sugar. So is their sugar in many canned meals or sauces. Therefore, if you want to complete all the little exercises you can do during the day to keep fit, you should also try to focus on a more well-balanced eating habit. This means to eat fresh and homemade food whenever it is possible and to limit the intake of food which is very fat, or deep-fried.

Your body will thank you for it.

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