Sports Is More Than Just Sports – 5 Helpful Suggestions

Sports Is More Than Just Sports – 5 Helpful Suggestions

It is commonly known to most people that sports, and keeping fit, are a necessity in life. We are not born to be ‘sitting people’, and especially those with busy office jobs need a way to find the right balance and to keep physically fit.

Sports are often considered to be a form of recreation, a way to keep fit and to get out of the house. But doing sports, and the way it is done can actually do much more than that. If sports, or rather exercise, are integrated into a person’s life on a regular basis, the benefits are virtually endless.

In this article, I want to touch upon five basic ideas, or suggestions, why sports are more than just sports. If you would like to add your own thoughts, please do leave a comment below.

Burn fat and build muscle

Sports is known for its two major benefits: burning fat and building muscles. Yes, being fit is healthy, and many people need it due to the lack of exercise they obtain during the day. Whereas running, cycling or rowing are great fat burners, lifting weights is a perfect way to build muscles.

The good thing about having a substantial mass of muscles is that muscles also need energy, and they will burn a lot of fat for you, even when you are not doing anything, even while you sleep. Besides having strength, you will need to take less care of what you eat or drink during the day; the intake of calories can be potentially higher than when you are not trained at all.


One big benefit of being fit and doing sports on a regular basis is the energy you will have at your disposal. Many people claim, that being fitter means having more energy available during the day. Getting up early does not seem such a big problem anymore, and fit people have an easier time to keep on going during the day, and still have enough energy to attend some activities during the evening during a working week.

Stress reduction

Sports and keeping fit can reduce stress. First of all, doing sports is a mental time out, getting away from the daily routine, and doing something good for your body. Additionally, your body has the chance to get rid of accumulated energy and tension. All the busyness, stress, meetings, and hurrying during a regular working day has the potential of accumulating in the body. If it becomes too much, and it accumulates over time, burnouts or physical complaints might be the result.

Some other good news for men in particular: due to the release of tension, reduction of stress levels, elevated energy levels, and the fact that sports get the blood circulation going, doing sports on a regular basis might have a positive effect on a man’s potency.


Depending on the type of sports you are doing, it can be a great way to find new friends. Many people, especially women, visit courses taking place in groups, which opens up additional possibilities to get to know people. But even if you do weight lifting at your fitness studio, you can still get in touch with other people.

On the other hand, if you like running or cycling, who says you cannot take someone along? You can get a friend or family member to join you, and have an intensive exercise together. Additionally, once you are done with the training it is a perfect opportunity to have a few drinks together afterward.

Saving money

Although this sounds off-topic, and also largely depending on the type of sports you do, doing sports can actually save you money. Think about what you would have been doing instead of doing sports. Perhaps you would have met some friends for drinks, or gone out for dinner with your family. These activities cost some money, which you are literally saving when keeping yourself fit.


Sports has a bigger impact than just keeping yourself fit. Sports provides people with additional energy, it reduces stress, and it can even make new friends and save you money. Especially after your 30’s, sports become increasingly important, as it is said that the body reduces muscle mass by 1% for each year you grow older.

Therefore, you need to keep your muscles in shape in order to obtain the energy you need. Ideally, you will do sports 1 or 2 times a week to keep yourself in good health, and more than 2 times weekly to actively increase your fitness level and muscles.

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