6 Interesting Tips On How To Spend Your Time More Efficiently With Your Smartphone

How To Spend Your Time More Efficiently With Your Smartphone

I have a smartphone now for about 10 years. In the beginning, when smartphones were introduced to the audience, I was extremely skeptical about them; they did not have the buttons I was used to from conventional cellphones, and I did not trust the do-called data flat rates offered by the phone companies.

But then, I finally bought one, and I got used to it quicker than I thought. I got myself a flat rate data plan, so I could explore the internet as much as I wanted without additional costs in my own country. Now, 10 years later, I find that my smartphone is actually helping me in my life, making it more pleasant, more efficient, more organized.

I am not a big fan of playing around with my phone when being in the company of other people, so I usually use it when I am traveling to and from work, or when I am relaxing in a park or at the beach by myself. It gets my head clear, and still, it offers an opportunity to use my time efficiently, instead of sitting there and just thinking. Also, it means I do not have to do these tasks when I am at home, and I could potentially spend that time doing other things.

This is what I do.

Read the news

I love news services. It offers me the opportunity to stay up-to-date about what is going on in the world. By using the time I sit on the train reading the news on my smartphone, I do not have to buy a newspaper or actually watch television at home. There are many apps out there, like Bloomberg, Reuters, or BBC. But also there are many regional apps which can be used, many of them being free of charge.

ToDo lists

When I spend some time not being productive, it helps me to get my head clear. I often use such moments to shortly consolidate in my head what needs to be done in the coming days, weeks, months. I keep track of all these tasks, by keeping notes, todo lists, by using “Task List” on the Android platform. But there are many, many more task management apps available for different platforms.

Another big benefit of such task management apps is that I actually don’t have to keep track of them in my mind, and it helps to keep my head clear for other things.


I carry my smartphone with me at all times. Therefore, I much rather maintain my calendar on my smartphone than on my laptop, for example. Whether birthdays, meetups, and sometimes even business appointments, I have them all stored on my smartphone for reference at any time during the day.

Google maps

One of the great features of smartphones and Google is that this combination makes it redundant to ever carry a street map around. By using Google Maps, I can find my way around within no time. Even when I am abroad, I try to find a free of charge WiFi hotspot and use Google Maps to find my way around. Also, Google Maps can well be used as a navigation system when driving.

Social media

I almost exclusively use social media on my smartphone. The available functionalities are virtually the same as when using a normal computer, and via my smartphone, I can log onto Facebook, Twitter, or other well known social media sites and place updates, write friends messages, or simply see what is going on.


Smartphones offer a good opportunity to actually use time more efficiently, whether you are sitting on the train on your way to work, or standing in line in a supermarket. The activities presented in this article are only the tip of the iceberg, smartphone offer virtually endless opportunities and downloadable apps, from learning languages to country guides, calorie counters, personal finance apps, etc.

Dear readers, what do you do on your smartphone?

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