6 Easy Tips To Get Six-Packs In A Month

6 Easy Tips To Get Six-Packs In A Month


There are many ways to mark beauty. For a girl, it may mean dimpled cheeks or cascading hairstyles, or a breathtaking figure. For a guy it usually doesn’t go beyond muscles – bulging biceps and taut, muscular, compartmentalized six-packs.

Those who don’t have six-pack abs can’t wait to get them. And the sooner the better! After all, who has the patience to grind the workout routines months on end. The logic goes that after working as a slave on getting those rippling abs the maintenance would be an easier task.

So more and more young men are looking forward and searching for various ways in which they can achieve this with most willing to give the shot for a month. Though it may seem that one month is too short a time to get something so coveted, it is not so. One can get six packs in a month but for that, you have to follow certain techniques to achieve this dream.

Simply rigorous workouts won’t be of much help and can, in fact, be harmful, leading to health breakdown. The tips to get six packs in a month given below will help you to get your ideal figure but only if you are willing to sweat out the whole way.

Tips To Get Six Packs In A Month

  1. To get six packs in a month, it is important that you develop proper planning before starting on it. Without full proof, you won’t be able to achieve your target. Maintain a notebook wherein you can jot down what you have to eat, how many and how many exercises to do every day, and so on.
  2. You should consult a nutritionist and fitness expert to formulate your fitness plan. Include all the details of your diet, and workout regimen in your fitness plan. And make sure that you follow the fitness plan strictly.
  3. The diet that you intake is of utmost importance. Of course, you should eliminate all the junk food, and include healthy foods like lots of greens, salads, whole grains, nuts, and unprocessed foods. You should also drink plenty of water and juice.
  4. To build the abs muscles quickly, you should eat a protein-rich diet. Proteins not only build the muscles but also repair them quickly. However, most protein foods are rich in fats. So, go for those that are low in fat. Red meat with the fat discarded and lean chicken are good examples of low calorie, protein-rich foods.
  5. Only exercises for the abs won’t do the trick. You should go for full-body workouts so that the muscles in the body are balanced. Cardio exercises are the best. Go for special cardio workouts like rowing, cycling on stationary bikes, jogging, and running, as they provide workouts to the major muscles in the abdomen.
  6. You should also not fail to keep track of your progress. This will not only motivate you to stick to your endeavor but also help you to know if you are working in the right direction.

Fitness Plan

Make sure that you intake 350 calories each from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and 250 calories from morning and evening snacks. Drink eight to ten glasses of water daily, and at least a liter or two during and after exercises.

Start with a five-minute workout. Then work in a cardio machine for 10 minutes, then another set for 15 minutes, and again for 10 minutes. After the cardio, do two sets of the upper body and lower body workouts for twenty-five repetitions.

  • Concentrate on several abdominal exercises to provide a workout to the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and internal oblique and external oblique muscles. You should do two to four sets of these exercises with twenty-five repetitions.
  • Finish off by doing two sets of cardio exercises for ten minutes each. Rest for five minutes to cool the body.

The article, how to get a six-pack in a month, will show you the proper way to get this in the quickest way possible.

Cover Image by Deep Khicher from Pixabay

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