Punk Hair Color 8 Interesting Tips

Punk Hair Color 8 Interesting Tips

To get a total punk look, it’s always recommended to first get a good punk haircut and then try out the various punk hair color.

Punk hair colors like flamingo pink, vermillion red, carrot orange, midnight blue, and jet black have become a huge rage among youngsters who wish to stand out from the crowd and tell the world who they really are. The word punk actually originated in the late 1970s as a music genre.

Very soon, it turned into a huge fashion style that found its true expression in leather jackets, chains, ripped jeans, and crazy hair. Today, punk has taken a life of its own. Lots of hairstylists and beauty salons specialize in punk hairstyles and can snip and dye your hair any way you want it.

Check out some of the following useful tips to get a better picture of punk hair colors. Read further to pick your cues on punk hair color. 

Pre-Bleach the Hair

Always pre-bleach your hair before you try out any hair color. The hair color product used will not yield you the desired or effective results if you don’t pre-bleach your hair. For instance, if you dye your hair bright pink without pre-bleaching, you will end up having a dark hair color shade instead of a brighter color. Also, take precautions while bleaching hair to minimize hair damage from coloring

Choose the Colors

When it comes to choosing shades for your punk, you are spoilt for choice. Depending on your skin tone and facial features and a few expert tips from your hairstylists, select a suitable color, and paint your punk wild. Striking hues like pinks, blues, and greens stand out but often fade after several washes. Usually, the maximum longevity for these bright hues is 3-6 weeks (for darker hair, it will come out quicker). Do not hesitate to visit a beauty supply store and pick up an extra bottle of color. 

Applying Punk Hair Color

Punk is all about fun and getting noticed. So, the more the color stands out and catches someone’s eye, the more spunk you can create with your dyed punk. To accentuate your punk style, include highlights or colored chunks, framing the face or spaced erratically on the head. Include colored bangs or a colored ponytail for a more natural look. Many punk hair lovers opt for unusual stripes such as horizontal color or zigzags to look funkier. Hot pink highlights, orange color highlights, and electric blue highlights make a person look unique and attractive. You can get the highlights done throughout the hair, in bangs, or just two chunky highlights on the sides of the hair. 

Maintain Your Hairstyle and Color

Once you dye your hair, it’s important to take good care of it. Keep a tab on the hair care products that you buy and splurge on special shampoos and conditioners to maximize your color’s sheen and longevity. Buy conditioners that are of high quality and loaded with vitamins and UV protection. Regular conditioning is important if you bleach your hair or do permanent coloring. 

Healthy Punk Hair Tips

  • Indulge in a healthy diet comprising of fruits and greens. Drink plenty of water to keep your hair nourished and shiny.
  • Always use a high-quality conditioner to protect your hair from drying.
  • Get your hair regularly trimmed to avoid split ends and other damages that can dull your color.
  • Use specially formulated shampoos for color-treated hair so that the color won’t wear out soon.

So, if you have the ability to carry off the punk hair color with style, there is no one stopping you! However, before you dye your hair, check out the punk hair color ideas for some inspiration.

Cover Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

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