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7 Proven Facts About Yoga and Aerobics

7 Proven Facts About Yoga and Aerobics

What is yoga? It is a physical and mental method of discipline that has several health benefits including weight loss. Ok! So, what is aerobics? Aerobics is a form of physical exercise that involves a rhythmic movement of stretching and weight training essentially for physical fitness – mental well-being is incidental even though not focused upon.

There are several other differences between yoga and aerobics but the similarities outweigh them. Hence, fusing the relaxing techniques of yoga with the more energetic exertion of aerobics would do a great deal for your body and mind. The eternal question is, whether or not this joint form of workout, also called yoga aerobics, leads to ultimate weight reduction.

The answer is yes! It does help you remove fat by burning calories and also eases your mind, improves circulation, and increases heartbeat rate. Since there are no side effects of this exercise routine, there is no harm in investing some time, money, and a trainer to aid in accomplishing your fitness goals. If you are interested in doing some of these yoga aerobics or yoga and aerobics, look no further!


  1. To begin with, there is a common misconception that yoga is only about stretching. This is obviously untrue because yoga is deeply implicated in a breathing method that strengthens the respiratory system. Therefore, without the use of any cardio, your internal organs are toughened and there is the effective use of the lungs and heart.
  2. Yoga has different asanas – movements and meditation – where you feel some pain in doing them initially, but slowly you become more flexible. A slow and easing sort of pain is better than a sudden jerky reaction that aerobics gives you.
  3. Yoga apparently focuses on the health of the spine first as it frames the center of the nervous system and purifies it. Yoga postures efficiently help in toxin removal, invigorating every single cell in the body, gives the body the ability to resist disease, and promotes the immune system.
  4. There are different poses for each part of your body. This reduces the flab in that particular area as well as tones the particular region. For example, if you are performing Ustrasana or the camel pose, you are tightening your stomach muscles.


  1. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about aerobic is that it’s fun and fast! There are several different types (like the floor or step aerobics) that you can do depending on your age group. For example, dance aerobics that is high impact are preferred by teenagers. Water sport aerobics is supposed to be the highest form of cardio that makes you lose weight within days of practice.
  2. Cardio, fat burning, and relatively instant results are what aerobic workout is all about. You can actually feel the fat leaving your body as your muscles are aching for relief. When you feel pain, you gain!
  3. Sustenance in this form of exercise is very low, but there is no doubt that it increases high heart rate and strengthens your heart and lungs. There is a constant movement in this form of workout.

Looking at the minor differences between yoga and aerobics, a combined form that involves the practice of both on the same day would be the best workout you can attain. Start with breathing exercises, follow-up with a set of yoga asanas, and finish the routine with tough aerobic calisthenics and give closure to the entire regimen with a set of cool-down yoga asanas and you get your ideal workout. Remember, Yoga is relaxing and aerobics is taxing! Perfect!

Cover Image by Bhikku Amitha from Pixabay

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