Laughter Yoga 4 Proven Benefits

4 Proven Benefits of Laughter Yoga

Do you love to laugh for no apparent reason and have been labeled a “Psycho”, “Schizophrenic”, or “Mental”? Upon getting such a compliment or comment (whatever you think it to be), do you burst into even more laughter? If yes, then you are probably on the right track, and if you’re on the receiving end of all that laughter, then you need to stop complimenting and join hands with the laughing one, for he/she will most probably take you to the laughter yoga club.

What is that you might want to ask? Because you, almost certainly, wouldn’t have heard the words “laughter” and “yoga” used alongside each other. Technically, as described by the Laughter Yoga International Organization, laughter yoga is a revolutionary technology that combines the pure joy of laughing with yogic breathing or pranayama.

Unveiled by Dr. Madan Kataria on March 13, 1995, a physician from Mumbai, in a park with just a fistful of members, laughter yoga, has turned into a pandemic with more than 6000 clubs across the globe in 60 countries. It is backed by scientific study that a body cannot tell apart fake laughter from a genuine one, whilst being blessed with the same physiological and psychological benefits.

While there’s a cost for everything in this world, there’s no cost for laughing and joining a laughter yoga club, for all of them offer free service. So, the next time you see someone laughing for no reason whatsoever, near you or at you, no need to turn into a bison. Instead, start laughing with the person and you’ll see the practice spreading faster than the wildfire. Read about these benefits of laughter yoga and laugh your way out of all the troubles and tensions. 

Benefits of Laughter Yoga


How many of us are struggling to include a genuine emotion like laughter in our routine? Most of us! But we restrain ourselves somehow because the reasons we deem fit in our dictionary to have a genuinely good laugh are nowhere to be seen. Why? There is no reason good enough to induce us into laughter. We are the reason. They say – a single spark can light a fire.

This statement also holds true for laughter yoga as well. Just one “Ha” and you’ll see everybody going gaga over “haha”. It follows the mantra “you help me and I’ll help the other and we’ll make a chain”. Your laughter will make someone else laugh and his/her laughter will make another person laugh. The ecstasy derived from pure and unadulterated laughter cannot even be compared. 

Stress Relief

What’s the best feeling in the world? Going to the loo after holding it in for hours? Nope! It’s the feeling when you get tears in your eyes from laughing hard that you feel if you don’t stop, you’ll burst into pieces. Just like crying, laughing is also a way (a fun way) for catharsis – releasing that built-up energy and emotions out of your system. You can feel at peace with yourself after a good session of laughter. So, what are you waiting for? Laugh out loud and clear and make those stress giants and demons find their way out of your system! 

Healthier You

While you were busy laughing it away like a laughing Hyena, there was a lot going on inside your body that you didn’t know of. You may have joined the club just for the sake of getting some fun and laughter infused into your life, but that doesn’t mean that it is all that you would be getting. All that laughter you thought you had been doing just to brighten up your mood also blessed your health.

The physical benefits of laughing are aplenty, not only does it strengthen up your immune system to help you fight against common infections like cough, cold, and falling sick, but also helps to heal a whole bunch of maladies like heart diseases, hypertension, depression, arthritis, breathing disorders such as asthma or bronchitis, migraine, cancer, and many others. So, just concentrate on laughing while it takes care of all the other stuff. 

Heartier You

Laughing like a child will keep you as a child – upbeat and unhindered in any tough situation. Isn’t it the thing we all strive for? Yes, we do! Laughing will keep you merry at heart and will give you the much-needed positive attitude that you’ve been searching for. It’ll bless you with hope and optimism even in dire straits. You’ll be gentle, calmer, and caring – leading to healthier and heartier relationships with your loved ones, and will even give a caring attitude towards those who’re complete strangers to you. 

Now that you’ve read about the benefits of laughter yoga, are you waiting for somebody to tickle you? Go have a laugh!

Cover Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

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