5 Practical Steps to Refurbishing Lawn Furniture: Rejuvenating Your Outdoor Space

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The extension of your home into the outdoors is an opportunity to create a sanctuary. But like anything, lawn furniture can deteriorate due to weather exposure. Instead of splurging on new items, refurbishing lawn furniture is an economical and environmentally friendly solution.

Decoding the Art of Lawn Furniture Refurbishment

Refurbishing is all about revitalizing furniture to its former glory or even surpassing it. It can involve repairing damage, reupholstering, or repainting. To successfully refurbish lawn furniture, you need to understand the diverse materials used and the suitable refurbishment tactics.

Different Types of Lawn Furniture and Their Unique Refurbishment Needs

Lawn furniture comes in various types, each requiring a unique refurbishment strategy. Here are some common types:

1. Metal Lawn Furniture

Metal, known for its robustness, is often chosen for outdoor furniture. However, it is prone to rusting or chipping over time. The refurbishment process involves:

  • Cleaning: Apply mild detergent and scrub off dirt.
  • Rust removal: Use a wire brush or sandpaper for rust spots.
  • Priming and painting: Use rust-inhibiting primer and outdoor spray paint.

2. Wood Lawn Furniture

Wooden furniture brings a timeless appeal to your outdoor space but needs upkeep to resist rot and fading. Here’s how you can refurbish it:

  • Cleaning: Utilize a wood cleaner and soft brush.
  • Sanding: Smooth rough spots and remove old paint with sandpaper.
  • Sealing or painting: Use a wood sealer for a natural look or paint for customization.

3. Plastic Lawn Furniture

While plastic furniture is affordable and lightweight, it can fade with time. To refurbish it:

  • Cleaning: Use mild detergent and a scrub brush.
  • Sanding: Remove the glossy surface with fine-grit sandpaper.
  • Painting: Apply spray paint designed specifically for plastic.

4. Wicker Lawn Furniture

Wicker furniture exudes a vintage charm but can become brittle and cracked. Here’s how to refurbish it:

  • Cleaning: Use mild soap and water.
  • Repairing: Fix broken reeds with wood glue.
  • Painting or staining: Apply a fresh coat of paint or stain.

refurbishing lawn furniture

Remember to focus on your cushions and upholstery as well, as they can fade, stain, or become moldy. Clean them with fabric cleaner or mild detergent, repair any damage, and consider re-covering them if necessary.

For more comprehensive information on revamping your outdoor furniture, you can visit our guide revamping your space an in depth guide to refurbished outdoor furniture.

You can also learn more about furniture refurbishment from reliable sources.


Refurbishing lawn furniture is an economical and green way to prolong the life of your outdoor pieces. With basic tools and some effort, you can transform your old lawn furniture into an attractive outdoor haven for family and friends.

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