Polar Bears and Climate Change

Polar Bears and Climate Change

What You Didn’t Know About Polar Bears and Climate Change

Many scientists have been observing whether there is any link between polar bears and climate change. Climate change has been witnessed, with all its related effects, fully in the regions where polar bears live or tend to be found. As a result of this, a lot of research has been conducted in the same regions by studying the behaviors and patterns of polar bears. This has led to some amazing results and data gathered about the two. These studies have been conducted all over the Arctic region, and all the regions where sea-ice conditions and extent tend to be most notable.

In 2007, it was reported that the sea-ice extent had reached record lows, thus precipitating the huge interest in polar bears and climate change. This study has continued to be done by many scientists, ever since it was learned that the year 2012 would see the low record that was witnessed in 2007 being attained once again. The behavior of polar bears has shown that the sea-ice extent has continued to fall drastically. This has provided researchers with the data, they need to form the conclusion that humanity is about to enter into a period of uncertain climatic changes.

It has always been suspected that changes in the Arctic Circle or sea, affect not just polar bears, but millions of wildlife and humans all over the world. When the sea-ice extent in this region falls, it provides evidence that global warming is taking firmer root in society. It is obvious that when changes within this region take place, polar bears will get affected first. However, the proof it offers about the link between polar bears and climate change, means humans have to play their part and reduce their emission of greenhouse gases, which cause this change.

What We Can Learn From Climate Change?

There are several lessons that can be learned from polar bears and climate change. The first is that mankind has to reduce the emission of gases, which are responsible for global warming hence the change in the climate. No species of animals exist throughout the world without playing a very important role within the ecosystem. As long as this message sinks into the minds of people everywhere, there are very high chances that humans will do everything in their power to ensure that polar bears are not disturbed out of their environment. This is bound to play a role in the preservation of other animals as well.

What Are The Effects of Climate Change on Life?

The relationship that exists between polar bears and climate change, shows that this has been created primarily through the carbon footprint mankind has released into the environment. As long as this is not reduced significantly, chances are that polar bears may be the first of many animals found within this region to become extinct. If the sea ice melts, the effects will be seen in other regions around the world since most water bodies will disappear too. If this happens, other animals, in addition to mankind, will be at great risk of being wiped out of this earth.

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