Piece or Peace of Mind?

Piece or peace of mind?

What is a positive state of mind? When you think or talk badly about someone, how do you feel? You immediately feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Whereas when you praise someone, how do you feel? You not only put a smile on their face but find yourself grinning too. A study says that a child between the age of 0-5 years smiles 400 times a day!

An adult smiles just 17 times a day! That is 383 smiles lost! Isn’t that a big loss? A positive state of mind will ensure you get those 400 smiles back intact!


Our mind is an ocean of thoughts. These thoughts could drive you to emotions such as anger, jealousy, hatred, greed, love, happiness, calmness and so many others. Whenever you feel that negative emotions are overpowering you, you must close your eyes and just think about something that brought a big smile to your face. Visualize the event and imagine you are back on the wheels of time. It could be anything, even maybe as stupid as when your mother brought you your favorite ice cream! After a while when you open your eyes you will find yourself immersed in positivity and this is what you call a positive state of mind.

1. Positive state of mind is achieved by adopting the right attitude. Involve gratitude and surrender in your nature and experience the changes. Such is the power of positivity.

2. Meditation and concentration are other ways you can achieve a positive state of mind. Thoughts are what control us. Meditation is a powerful technique where all your thoughts are brought under control. When you meditate for a while, you let the thoughts flow and are in a deep state of trance. When you come out of this state, you leave all your thoughts back there and emerge with a fresher outlook and positivity.

3. The third way is by eating the right kind of food. Increase intake of fresh fruits and green vegetables and cut down on foods that are high on calories. You will notice the changes yourself!

4. The easiest way is in the company of happy people and watch pleasing movies!


1. Your words reflect on your thoughts. So watch what you say. Thoughts can make or mar you. So always think before you speak. Think well, speak well. Your thoughts reflect on your personality.

2. We develop habits and then habits develop you. If you have a habit of smoking, you will develop a state of mind linked to that. On the other hand, if you have a habit of reading books; you develop an attitude similar to that. It’s for you to choose!

1. Positive thinking is a magic potion. This is something that you must get out of your head. Just thinking that your wish will come true and not working for it, will not make it happen. You need to take the ‘right’ action. That’s when you achieve a positive state of mind.

2. Positivity rolls on your ideal life. Well, nothing will be ideal unless you work towards achieving it. Take the right steps and achieve what you have always wanted to.

Adopt these simple measures and move from ‘pieces of mind to peace of mind’!

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