5 Detailed Reasons Why I Keep My Place Tidy At All Times

5 Reasons Why I Keep My Place Tidy At All Times

If you are like me, you might have had a specific period in your life, during which your place was somewhat messy, and things did not really have its place. I sure had such a phase, especially during my twenties, and when I was a student. This does not mean that I am a compulsive hoarder; it simply means, that keeping my place tidy was not on the top of my ToDo list.

Now, more than ten years later, I live in a fairly tidy apartment. I have learned a lot from previous times, and I consider living in a clean and tidy environment as one of my top priorities.

This is why.

1. Easier to find things

One thing, which used to drive me crazy, is that I had difficulties finding things. I did not have a set place for my stuff, so I ended up looking for it and spending a lot of unnecessary time. However, at that time I was living in a studio apartment. Today, my place is a bit bigger. Therefore, I have a place for everything, whether it is a cupboard, or a drawer, or a suitcase, or anything. But everything has a fixed place. This allows me to find stuff easier and quicker.

2. Appealing to myself and to guests

One of the tricks is to keep things out of sight, whether postcards, clothing, papers, anything that has the potential to just lie around and to be hazardous to the eye. Living in a clean and tidy apartment is not only appealing to myself, but also to my guests. I always used to have this uncomfortable feeling whenever I invited someone over since I knew my place was not very tidy. Today, I can invite guests over spontaneously and at all times, since I work on keeping my place in order all the time.

3. The creative mind

At a certain point, I found that too much stuff lying around is actually a big distraction. I discovered this when I was working from home one day, and I got distracted by all the things lying around. My mind could simply not be creative, and I was not able to dedicate to my work for a longer period of time.

4. Allergies

I do not have allergies myself, but I know some people who do. Many of them are allergic to dust, or things you will find in an apartment which is not clean. Additionally, I heard from many people that allergies can develop over time. This is another reason why I put great care in keeping my place clean and accessible at all times. Sometimes I do not have the time to do it myself, and I might decide to hire someone.

5. Saving money

Isn’t it stupid when you buy something, and later you discover that you already have that very same item? It used to happen with me a lot because I lost the overview of my possessions. I even bought clothing I already possessed and even books that I had read. I spent a lot of unnecessary money, which I think is a pity.


Some people are better at organizing their homes than others. Yet, if you pay a bit of attention to how your main living environment looks like and how it is organized, you might well feel better, save time, and save money.

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