How To Meet People At The Fitness Studio

How To Meet People At The Fitness Studio

Many people choose to be members of a gym or fitness studio in their area. Especially to those with desk jobs, who do not get a lot of exercise during the day, going to the gym on a regular basis is a necessity.

Although many people go to the gym (alone or with a friend), do their workout, perhaps take the benefit of a little bit of wellness (sauna, Jacuzzi) if available, and then go back home, many people wish they could make some new contacts at the gym, or perhaps engage in a little flirt.

Unfortunately, many men have actually made people shut down emotionally at the fitness studio. These men think they are so irresistible, because of their muscles, that they keep hitting on women, regardless of their reaction.

This insensibility has caused women to be a guard as soon as they are approached by a man, it has caused men to simply wanting to avoid a conversation with women out of fear of their reaction (and for good reasons, since many women react totally inappropriate), and as soon as a man talks to another man, he must probably be gay.

No wonder, that there is such a demand for fitness studios and wellness areas dedicated to women only, which are in great demand.

Yes, getting into a conversation with women at the fitness studio is a bit different than on the street or during nightlife, but it is not impossible. Actually, fitness studios are a social setting just like any other club, with the difference that people also go there to do sports and to do something good for their bodies.

The big secret to initiating a conversation with just about anyone in a fitness studio is to make it related to the situation, to make it very short, neutral, and preferable when someone is not actually busy with his or her workout, but in between session.

For example, if someone is doing 3 sets or exercises and he or she is having a short break in between, you can suggest whether you can switch and whether you can do your exercises while she is having a break. Also, when someone forgets his or her towel, speak it out. Perhaps you notice someone is doing his or her exercises incorrectly, and you know how it should be done, speak it out.

The initial goal should not actually be to initiate a conversation, as it might come across quite pushy. Instead, you are pointing out a fact, or a solution, or something very brief. You might actually not get into a conversation immediately, but perhaps your paths will cross more often at the gym.

You can then greet and smile, and see how he or she reacts. Does the other person greet back? Does he or she seem open for a short chat? Once you have become accustomed to the presence of each other, perhaps you will find a reason to actually get into a short conversation and have some small talk.

It is important to realize, that gyms and fitness studios are often not regarded as social settings, although they have the potential to be. People often emotionally shut down, although they might from deep within actually welcome a conversation or two with some of the other gym members.

Initiating a conversation with strangers, as you would do in a bar, can be very intimidating, or badly timed. But if it is done subtly, and if you take your time, you might well get to know one or two fellow members.

Thank You.

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