7 Magic Dandruff Remedies

7 Magic Dandruff Remedies

Most people fear the color black- a black top, a black shirt, or even a black scarf are all looked upon with fear. Why does it have to be this way? Black, just like any other color, is beautiful, even more so because it is the universal party color.

People still shy away from it and usually, the reason for hating black, or any other closely related color, is the fact it tends to highlight dandruff. Picture this – you’re wearing a black suit or a midnight blue dress, as the case may be. You are at a gala, believing that you are quite the looker.

Out of the blue, like how a hurricane rocks a peaceful coastal town, a friend walks up to you and points out to a ‘few’ specks of white on your shoulder. A big cause for embarrassment, really! Now, to address the issue of dandruff- it is nothing but the result of what can be described as the shedding of skin cells present on the scalp. However, in spite of it being a normal process, shedding becomes an issue when it occurs in excess. Not to mention that it looks dry, flaky, and abnormally white.

If you have always been looking to get rid of dandruff woes, your search is over; it has finally come to end. Read on to discover simple or no-fuss dandruff remedies and get rid of this embarrassment for good.

Shampoo Serenade

Who would have thought that using the right kind of shampoo at the right time can help you get rid of dandruff or those pesky flakes of white? Think about it, what better way of getting rid of dandruff than by guiding it right to the drain. One of the easiest and most reliable ways of getting rid of dandruff is shampooing regularly. When you shampoo regularly, what you are really doing is getting rid of excess oils which only add to the occurrence of dandruff on your scalp. 

Beetroot Blessing

The humble beetroot can work wonders for you. It’s not just good for you when you consume it on a regular basis; it’s something that can also be extremely effective against dandruff. To make the most out of beetroot when fighting against dandruff, you can start off by boiling a beet along with its root in a pot of water. Let the beet and the root boil for a few minutes. Once done, massage the water onto your scalp right before you hit the sack. Keep doing this until you notice the desired results. 

Fruits! Fruits! Fruits!

This plan of action may sound a little intense, but it is well worth the effort. Here, for three days in a row, you can stick to eating fruits, just fruits, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A diet of this sort may seem like it’s just for weight watchers, but it actually helps fight against dandruff. The diet will work wonders on your hair, making dandruff a thing of the past. However, for best results, don’t eat too many bananas and citrus fruits. Cheating, in the form of tea, coffee, and processed foods, is not allowed. 

Comb Your Troubles Away

Most people who suffer from dandruff tend to neglect their comb and this almost always backfires. Just as important as it is to wash your hair and keep it clean, so it is to keep your comb or brush clean. Make it a point to clean your comb or brush after each use. Not to mention, these uses should be rather frequent.

Resist the Itch

When you are looking to get rid of dandruff, what you should be doing is resisting the desire to scratch your scalp. Yes, those itchy patches on your scalp can prove to be very irritating, but scratching your scalp non-stop will only result in wounds. If at all you happen to wound the skin on your scalp, use a mild shampoo for a while, all the while staying away from medicated shampoos. You will have to use mild shampoo until the wounds heal.

Wash Away Sweat

Here’s a fact that you may have never known: Sweat irritates the scalp and increases the flaking of skin cells or the occurrence of dandruff. To prevent such a thing from happening, you need to wash your hair on a regular basis. If you are the kind of person who is physically very active or if you are the kind of person who sweats a lot, make it a point to shower regularly. Not only can this help get rid of dandruff, but it can also help you stay calm, cool, and fresh throughout the day.

Say No to Hair Products

A rule of thumb that needs to be followed when looking to cater to that burning desire of getting rid of dandruff involves lesser, or absolutely no, use of commercial hair products. Commercial hair products here include gels, mousses, sprays, etc. These products are the culprits. Yes, they can make your hair look good, but those looks are only temporary while the damage may just be permanent. To prevent damage of such sort, try your best to steer clear of commercial products. However, a once-in-a-blue-moon ‘indulgence’ is allowed. 

The above-mentioned remedies, if not betrayed, can prove extremely beneficial. Simple steps such as the ones mentioned above, if taken at the right time, can help prevent superfluous complications. Dandruff is something that needs to be countered when noticed. It is when the problem is hung on to when it actually does become an issue, the kind of issue that may even need the consultation of a doctor.

Make it a point to correct the issue of dandruff as soon as you notice it, it’s the best thing you could possibly do to save yourself from those dreaded specks of white.

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