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Learn How To Play Chess easily – Beginner Guide

Learn How To Play Chess easily

When it comes to the battle of mind perhaps no other game comes closer to this than a game of chess. Chess, the game has become synonymous with focus, concentration, the ability to devise innovative strategies, and the capability to think far ahead. Indeed, when it comes to exercising the mind, even if you leave the stimulating pleasure that the game gives, chess comes second to none.

Such is the reputation of chess that those who are unable to play the game always get cold feet at the mere thought of learning to play it. Most often people think that understanding the complexity of chess is not their cup of tea. And herein lies the problem. They don’t try out the game. For, once somebody learns the nitty-gritty of the game it can become one of the most addictive passions.

One just has to learn the basic rules of moving the chess pieces and the rest depends upon the mental abilities. Good chess players are not geniuses. Like any other game, the success here lies in loads of practice. So, if you are ready to enter the world of chess then read further to learn how to play chess.

Learning To Play Chess

The Game

Typically a game of chess is played between two opponents seated on opposite sides of the board. A chessboard consists of 64 squares of alternating colors generally black and white. Each player has 16 pieces, consisting of one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns. The player must move these pieces in such a way as to capture the opponent’s king, which is to checkmate. The player who does this the first is the winner.

Starting The Game

First, the chessboard should be laid in such a way that the white square is positioned on the bottom right-hand side of the players. Then the chess pieces should be arranged on the board. The rooks should be placed at the two corners at the player’s side. Then the knights were placed next to them, followed by bishops.

Next to the bishops should be placed the queen and the king. The queen should always be placed in her corresponding color. All the pawns are placed on the second row. There should be a toss and the player with the white pieces moves first, then the black and then the white and so on.

Moving The Pieces

There are six different types of pieces and all of them are moved differently. Other than the knight no other pieces can move over the other. No pieces can also occupy any square which is occupied by their own piece. An opponent’s piece can be captured and the square occupied. The basic goal of chess is to capture the opponent’s king and denying any space to move at which point the game ends.

The Chess Pieces

The King

The king can be moved only one square, either up or down or diagonally or to the sides. As such though it is the most important piece it is also the weakest. The chief objective of the other pieces is to protect the king from being captured.

The Queen

The queen can be moved either backward, or forward, or sideways or diagonally as far as possible until blocked by her own piece or captures an opponent’s one, but only in one straight direction.

The Rook

The rook can move only forward, backward and to the sides, and as far as possible until blocked or captures a piece. The rooks can be very powerful when they are made to work in tandem.

The Bishop

The can be moved only diagonally and as far as it can go. One aspect of bishops is that they must stay at the same colored square as it started. Thus there is one bishop for the white square and another for the black square.

The Knight

The knight moves in the shape of an ‘L’. That is it moves two squares straight and one square at a right angle. Because of this feature knights can move over other pieces.

The Pawns

Pawns always move forward one square at a time and capture an opponent’s piece diagonally. Only at the very first move, the pawns can be moved forward two squares.

The article, how to play chess, will teach any beginner how to get on with a game of chess.

Cover Image by Eric WRAY from Pixabay

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