Know All About Best Modern Bob Hairstyles

Modern Bob Hairstyles

When you saw Katie Holmes, Rihanna, and Paris Hilton most sporting cool bob hairdos, didn’t you feel a sudden longing to walk in their shoes. Well! Walking in their shoes may be very different but their bob hairdo is well within your clutches. There is a plump sheaf of various hairdos in this genre for you to pick up in accordance with your preference and most importantly your facial features. In fact, it was invented back in 1909 in Paris by the hairdresser Antoine, who was inspired by “Joan of Arc”, though it was not considered to be a respectable style in those days.

In Britain, it gained some popularity in “Bloomsbury” circles before the end of the First World War but became widely popular in the 1920s. At that time, it was considered as an emblem of a liberated woman. In 1924, the razor cut shingle bob was introduced. Although in 1920, The Times Magazine claimed that this hairstyle was passé, yet time and again it kept re-occurring. In recent times, iconic singers like Rihanna and Britney Spears donned this hairstyle and once again it resurfaced to fall in the latest trends. Read this article to know all about modern bob hairstyles. 

Classic Bob Hairstyles

Don’t you look after those evergreen leading ladies like Marilyn Monroe and Katharine Hepburn for your hair inspiration who wore bobs with old Hollywood grace and style, which seem to be intransient and look gorgeous even today? Simple blunt cut bobs without fancy angles and lines won’t go out of style anytime soon. So, if you are not the one who would like to jump on every fleeting trend, you don’t have to sport a trend-driven hairstyle either.

Inverted Bob Hairstyle

Didn’t you admire Katie Holmes, Rihanna, and Paris Hilton with their inverted bob? How couldn’t you when the whole world was gawking at them when they made their appearance in chic bobs?  Since its inception in the 1920s, it has kept resurfacing time and again, and most recently it owes its resurrection to celebrities such as Victoria Beckham. Inverted bob cuts usually have several layers of hair.

In this particular hairstyle, the neck or nape section is cut to the lowest part and is trimmed to encircle the neck. From there the angle drops about a few centimeters below the jawline. It forms an almost boomerang shape but looks very trendy. It is basically an asymmetrical cut in which shorter hairs are clumped in the back. It is an exact flip-flop of a classic bob haircut or the length bobs.

Hence, the name “inverted bob”. One of the most salient features of this hairstyle is that you have the liberty to experiment and pick from a gamut of numerous verities the one, which suits your facial structure the most. It looks extremely sophisticated and very feminine. A hairstyle with such flamboyance will certainly catch some eyes some admiring and some envious as hardly will you pass unnoticed. 

Geometric Bob

The term “geometry” might beget many frowns as bitter reminiscences of school days might come crawling along, but it is for certain that a geometric bob hairstyle far away from the cold sweats of the past will establish you as a fashion whizz. The greatest feature of the geometric bob hairdo is that it is laden with sharp angles and statement bangs. These cuts are truly works of art as they employ angles to make a true hair statement. Blunt cut bangs and sharp angles lend the geometric hairstyle a futuristic look. A cut like this necessitates an equally strong color. You may opt for one of the new metallic blonde nuances. 

Bowl Cut Bob

Well, you might draw a distinguishing line between the classic bowl cut and the bob, though they have some of both trends in common and hence, they might be fused to devise a new hairdo. For the desired effect, you could use a high-quality flat iron and some styling solution to preserve the wrinkle-free effect of the hairdo and make others crave for it. 

Pixie Blend Bob Hairstyles

If you are a fashion freak and scarcely shy of trying out something new, then you might opt for this particular hairdo.  All you have to do is to just add oodles of choppy layers to the crown and line it with side-swept bangs and flaunt the elegance of the hairdo. In case you have thin hair, you can blend choppy shag with a faux bob and add several layers to your crown to add more fullness to your hairstyle.

Colorful Bob Hairstyles

Hair color can jazz up your bob hairstyles. Paneling, highlights as well as dip-dyed looks can be embraced for a more vivid and glossy bob hairstyle. 


Hope that this write-up helps to equip you with all the necessary information before you going for a modern bob hairdo. Adorn yourself with the finest design and flaunt. Be a diva!

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