Why is Italian Fast Food Universally Popular?

Why is Italian Fast Food Universally Popular?

Italian fast food is arguably the most popular form of fast food in the United States. In fact, in most parts of the world, Italian pizza is perhaps the most popular takeout food ordered by those wanting to laze around at home without venturing into the kitchen for calming their hunger pangs.

The toppings on the pizza may contain locally available ingredients that are not even remotely Italian, however, the general cooking technique is the same. It is indeed a wonder if you have landed in an airport or a busy urban market area in any part of the world without at least one local restaurant serving pizzas and kinds of pasta.

Few Ingredients and Simple Cooking Technique

Most Italian fast food joints serve up recipes that have not more than 3 to 4 ingredients and a cooking time of fewer than 15 minutes. Ingredients like olive oil, cheese, fresh vegetables, and herbs make any Italian dish extremely tasty while providing great nutritional value.

With a few tomatoes, herbs like oregano, pasta in any form, and olive oil, you can cook up a sumptuous and homely pasta meal in a jiffy by adding boiled pasta with tomatoes cooked in a sauce and garnished with herbs. Italian fast-food unlike fast foods like burgers and hot dogs, incorporate fresh ingredients more than processed or canned ones. This makes the recipe healthy and comparatively less calorific.

Pizza is believed to have originated as peasant food in Italy. A poor man’s meal typically consisted of putting leftovers on bread. It is hard to believe that the universally popular pizza has such a humble origin. Today, pizzas have become the staple food of youngsters all over the world because they’re bulky and quick and a great option to share with friends sitting around a couch to watch a movie or a game of football.

The interesting thing about pizzas is that it is quite easy to localize a pizza with toppings made out of local vegetables or local meat varieties. Pizzas are very adaptable in that sense! Panini is similar to pizza but is more like a sandwich lined with Italian sauces and cheese shavings. Spaghetti is another hot favorite with youngsters, especially children.

Ready-to-serve and Ready-to-eat Italian Fast Food

A worldwide trend that has recently swept households is that of cooking Italian food at home. While many are discovering the culinary delights of gourmet Italian recipes in an attempt to woo guests, Italian fast food is also being made on a daily basis in homes that were used in traditional regional cooking.

This trend is especially seen in urban areas where people are short of time and yet want to cook up something quick and healthy at home. Mothers are finding it increasingly easy to make their kids consume vegetables by adding them to their favorite pasta recipe or as pizza toppings.

The accessibility to Italian recipes and Italian cooking techniques through internet cooking portals and popular television shows has made Italian fast food a favorite with homemakers. In addition, local food companies are also catering to the patrons of Italian fast food by selling ready-to-eat and ready-to-serve versions of pasta and pizzas.

Instant food may not have the same nutritional value as freshly cooked Italian food but the sales of these products are a testimony to their popularity. The colorful and simple ingredients of Italian fast food that blend beautifully with the local cuisine and flavors of most regions around the world is perhaps the primary reason for its popularity.

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