4 Great Indoor Team Building Games

4 Great Indoor Team Games

Games, both outdoors and indoors rejuvenate your senses, provide you a break from the responsibilities, refresh your mind and body, and also give you an opportunity to meet, know and learn from other people. Games are today been used by private organizations and educational institutes in order to train the employees and young students in team building.

Indoor games for team building are put to use in order to generate the feeling of teamwork, dedication, cooperation, confidence-building, and creativity in an individual in relation to the team. Active participation of an individual in such team building activities makes them learn a lot and sharpen their skills and the same is then produced within a team that further shows brilliant results.

It is because of these benefits that indoor team building games are gaining popularity and are being readily adopted by schools, colleges, workplaces, and camps. Mentioned below are some of the most common indoor team-building games.

Indoor Team Building Games

Newspaper Bridges

In order to play this game, you will need lots of newspapers, a tear easy tape, and one jug. Now sort out the group into equal halves by using the animal sound game. Write down the names of different animals with an equal number of chits for each animal. Ask each person to collect one chit and the groups can be formed by the people making the respective animal’s sounds.

Once the team has been formed, provide an equal amount of newspaper and sticking tape to each team. Ask each team to build a bridge that will be able to withstand the weight of a water jug. The challenge comes from the rule that there can be only two pillars to support the bridge. The team which builds the strongest bridge within the stipulated time is the winner.

Straw Eiffel Tower

Straw Eiffel tower is another indoor game that can prove to be very helpful. In order to conduct the game, you will require lots of straws and sticking tape. You can sort out the teams by writing down the names of different nursery rhymes on a chit of paper. Ask each person to come forward and pick one chit.

Each member will have to sing the lines of their rhyme and get sorted into different teams. Distribute the straws and sticking tape equally among different teams. The teams are supposed to build the tallest tower musing the straws and tape in order to win the game. The rule to be kept in mind is that teams can’t use the support of any object to build the tower. The tower needs to be in a vertical position and should stand erect for the teams to qualify.

Share The Responsibilities

This is a game that directly tests the team working ability, cooperative ability, and other skills of an individual. There are a lot of tasks that require taking help from others or distributing responsibilities. In order to play the game, each team should be provided with one responsible for a given task. The group that finishes the responsibility first within the given time slot wins the game.

Picture A Story

This is a fun-filled and game that requires creativity, imagination, speed, and support. Provide each team with a famous fairytale story and ask them to draw or project the story in a picture form. The other team members will then have to guess the fairytale after seeing the picture. The team that makes the right guess within the shortest time period happens to win the game.

Indoor team building games have proved to be beneficial for breaking the ice and strike a conversation. These games are now been adopted by schools, colleges, and workplaces in order to build healthy relationships and enhance creativity.

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