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10 Easy Exercises To Improve Hip Flexibility

10 Easy Exercises To Improve Hip Flexibility

Sitting at the computer desk for long hours or being a victim of long journeys results in stiff hips. The ‘hip flexors’, which are a group of muscles, determine the hips flexibility and it is easy for these hip muscles to become stiff and tight if they aren’t put into much use.

This is because sitting down for greater intervals gives these muscles a shorter position, making them tight. Who wants these stiff hips-hips that decrease your speed, agility and give you less power. There are many ways to loosen up these hips and give you a better move.

Whether you opt for massages or acupuncture, it’s your choice but inculcating some simple exercises in the daily routine to flex these muscles is the best resort. Go through the exercise below and get into the form. You will be ready if you need to race that friend or be the super daddy on sports day!

Hip Circles

The hip circles are the perfect warm-up exercise for the big muscles in the midsection and buttocks. Place your hands on your hips and keep the feet together. Rotate your hip in the anticlockwise direction around ten times and then repeat this again in the clockwise direction. 

Hip Twist

This exercise is great for stretching those muscles at the hip joints. Sit down with your back and legs kept straight. Bend the right leg and place the right foot behind the left leg. Now with your left hand, hold on to your right foot and pull it to flex the right hip joint. Leave it after holding it for about thirty seconds and you are sure to feel the stretch. 

Modified Bridge

Take your position by lying down on the back and bending your knees. Keep the feet apart and raise the hips in the air by the force of the buttocks. Make use of the back muscle and squeeze your buttocks to lift the hips and be in this position for at least 30 seconds. Keep repeating this exercise at least 5-10 times. 


Squatting is good for opening up the hip area. Sumo is a mixture of squatting and swinging the back leg across. So first, start off by facing the wall and squat all the way down. As low as your butt can reach. And then swing your left leg across, so that you are facing in the opposite direction altogether and perform another squat. Repeat this several times. 


Lie down on your stomach, place your legs apart, and keep your hands on your shoulders. Push your abdomen and breathe into your stomach. Using the back muscles raise your head and the shoulders first and then raise the arms. Keep the body up and tall and with the help of the shoulder muscles, keep the shoulders down. Hold this position for a few seconds and then lower yourself. 

Medial Rotators Stretch

Sit on a chair and take your position by keeping the back straight and feet on the ground. Place the right ankle on the left thigh and lean forward starting from the hips. Keep the back absolutely straight. When you feel a stretch maintain the position for around 30 seconds. Repeat this exercise by switching the legs. 


Start the exercise by first starting with the feet together. Lift one of the legs and hug the knee to the chest. Lunge onto the knee and stretch. Bring the back leg forward again and repeat this alternatively with the other leg a number of times.

Tuck Jumps

Tuck jumps not only flex the hips, but this exercise also flexes the muscles. The tuck jump is basically a hybrid of the squat and the jump. Start the tuck jump by jumping as high as you can and bring the knees really high too. Keep doing this exercise as many times as you can for at least a minute. 

Gluteal Stretch

Lie down on your back straight. Bend one of the knees and use your hands to push and pull the knee towards the opposite shoulder. You will feel the need to stretch the buttocks and the frontal hip portion. Stay in this position for at least fifteen seconds and repeat this exercise a few times. 

Frog Pose

This exercise stretches both sides of the hip at the same time. Get on the hands and knees and spread the knees as far as you can. Walk around like a frog and lean the torso to the front or back. By bringing the elbows near to the floor, the stretch on the hip increases.

These hip flexibility exercises won’t just improve your gait, but endurance too. Try them and lead a fitter life.

Cover Photo by RF._.studio from Pexels

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