Always Use Images In Your Blog Posts. 13 Irresistible Reasons Why You Should.

13 Irresistible Reasons Why You Should Always Use Images In Your Blog Posts

There’s a classic statement that an image is worth a thousands words. On the Internet there are some aspects where this is abundantly true. The value of images in blog posts has long been establish and it’s should come as no surprise that when you look at the majority of large scale blogs, they all use images within their blog posts. Below is a selection of reasons why these large blogs use images and why you should too

13 irresistible reasons to use photos in blog posts

1. The Internet Is Becoming Increasingly Visual

With the boom in broadband and higher data connections it has become much easier to download and upload more visual content that is more data intensive. This has allowed the internet to become more visual and so visual and comparable to magazines and tv programs in terms of the visual quality which it simply couldn’t have before.
As such visuals are more important.

2. Reinforce The Message Of The Post

This is a very dependent on the quality and appropriate of the image, but a good image in a post will reinforce the message you are trying to get across to people. This can have some great effects such as…

3. Images Appeal To different learning styles

People like to learn in different ways, there is some evidence that. People even learn better in different ways and have learning styles (personally I’m not convinced by this evidence, it seems more likely that people just have different preferences rather than a specific style, especially as the list of styles seems endless). However, we can say that three forms of transferring information (audio, visual and kinesthetic [touch]) and within visual (text, video and images) are preferable to different people and it is certainly good to provide different options and variety.

4. Grab Attention On Social Media Networks

Social media sites are becoming more visual, facebook has followed sites like Google plus and Pinterest in favoring posts with images as well as facilitating people to share high res images which take up large areas of screen space (meaning more attention). Having a good relevant image will draw more people to click to your post.

5. Grab Attention When People Come To Your Blog

When people come to your blog they immediate judge your site, it’s not a big secret that large numbers of people leave a site within 7 seconds of landing. If your site looks amatuer or hard to read then people will pick up on it straight away. Using a good image can help persuade people to stay on your site and read your post.

6. Provide A Visual Memory Cue

Memory is a very curious thing, there are a few factors that can help you remember something better and a visual cue is one of these. Sometimes when you see certain images, icon or picture it will cause you to think back to something. This has two aspects.
First it helps you to remember the article you are reading as you don’t just have the text to remember. In fact, the effect is so dramatic that it is one of the tricks that people use who enter memory contests use,
The second is that it reminds you of other events and experiences related to the topic. This means that the reader will be more engaged and committed to the topic.

7. Images With Quotes Are Insanely Shareable

A recent trend on social media sites is images with inspirational quotes on them. It shouldn’t be too surprising, after all inspirational posters have been around for a long time and as we mentioned, the internet is becoming more visual. Putting a good quote (by you or someone else) is a good way to encourage people to share your image on social media sites.


8. Images Provide A Visual Relief

Reading a long string of text can be exhausting for a reader, it takes time and focus to use your language center. However having an image stimulates a different part of the brain. Sometimes this can be just as good or better than a break. This is vital for longer posts to ensure your reader stays involved, doesn’t tire and gets as great value from the start and end of the article.

9. Images Can Help You Build Links With Photographers

One of the best things I’ve seen a blogger do is to contact the photographers and ask their permission to use their photos. Once they’ve agreed (which if you’ve found them under Creative Commons they probably will) then you can thank them and send them a link to the post. This can be a brilliant evangelistic opportunity.

10. Photos Are A Source Of Inspiration

Sometimes ideas can come from images rather than finding images to match the point you want to make. If you scan through images then you can come across something that inspires you to write something new.

11. Google Likes Images

When it comes to having a blog post that appears high in a search engine, images are an extra tool in the arsenal. If two posts that are similar in length, with similar search terms and everything else the same but one has an image, that will help it tip forward.
Oh and the if you add in the fact that images usually get more likes on Google plus and google plus helps you appear higher in google search, it’s another indirect aspect.

12. People search for images

One of my friends posted an image for the Ukrainian flag on his blog when he moved to Ukraine. This blog post turned into one of his highest viewed posts because so many people landed on it to see this image. How often do you use google image search? Personally it’s one of my most common forms.

13. It Makes Your Site Look More Professional

A good image may well go unnoticed. It should support and reinforce the story or message of the text and if it does that well, then it might not stand out. However, the lack of images can stand out more than the presence of an image. Images have almost become a standard on the web and so they are almost essentials now.

Over the rest of the month were going to give you some extra tools to help you find and create great images to use with your blog posts. Stay tuned to find out more.

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