19 Best Ideas For Small Talk Topics

19 Ideas For Small Talk Topics

Expanding your network and getting to know new people is part of everyday city life. Yet, how do we initiate conversations with strangers, or even colleagues, without going too deep into one’s personal life, and that of others? Often, conversations start out with small talk. Whether you meet someone at a conference, or at the coffee machine at work, small talk is a perfect way to connect with someone without going too deep into his or her personal life. Also, small talk is a perfect way to start a flirt.

Still, many people have difficulties with small talk. Small talk requires some training, and the more often you do it, the easier it becomes. One of the main questions is what topics to talk about. In order to give you some guidance, below we would like to suggest 20 ideas for small talk topics.

  1. Hi/hello, a perfect way to start a small talk with just about anyone.
  2. Introduce yourself using only a few lines, tell the other person what you do and what you are passionate about.
  3. Talk about the situation or surroundings, and what is currently happening.
  4. Talking about the weather can be okay, but keep it short. Don’t use this topic in flirtatious situations.
  5. Ask the other person how his or her day was. Tell him/her what kept you busy.
  6. Give compliments, but only when you truly mean it, and do not overdo it.
  7. Talking about sports can be a great topic, especially if you are both passionate about the same sports or club.
  8. Talk about the current news, and what is going on in the world.
  9. While talking about travel you can share experiences and insider tips on destinations.
  10. You can talk about each other’s family if it is appropriate. Talk about marriage, children, and parents.
  11. Mutual friends is another great topic. Be sure, however, not to talk negatively about your mutual friend; it could backfire.
  12. You can talk about drinks and food, your favorites, or special dishes.
  13. Entertainment topics are great, such as radio, television, movies, or theater.
  14. Talking about hobbies is a great way to find out mutual interests.
  15. Technology is a fantastic way to share the latest gadgets, especially if you are both passionate about technology.
  16. Discussing your hometown is a great way to start getting a bit more personal.
  17. Celebrity gossip is also a popular topic, but you have to be sure the other person is into it. Some people do not like to gossip about others at all.
  18. Home and garden topics are great to find out how someone lives.
  19. Art will explore the artistic side of someone, and perhaps you can discover mutual interests here too.
Definite small talk don’ts
  • Don’t hold long monologues about one specific topic, regardless of how passionate you are about it.
  • Don’t keep silent, hoping that the other person will keep the conversation running forever.
  • Don’t discuss politics, religion, or other world opinions.
  • Don’t raise topics with negative associations, such as diseases or death.
  • Don’t address too intimate topics.

Small talk is ideal for initiating a conversation with someone you do not know. Small talk topics are usually light, and easy. The main goal is to identify mutual interests and to get to know each other a little bit. Perhaps you are able to build a deeper connection, after which you can start discussing more serious, and deeper topics.

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