7 Best Ideas For Small Space Living

8 Ideas For Small Space Living

With urban environments getting bigger and bigger, living spaces either become more expensive, or smaller for an affordable price. As a result, it appears you almost need to be a magician, in order to have all the comfort available in a small living space, as you would have in a large apartment.

Nevertheless, today’s technology and possibilities make it possible, to create your own little comfort zone in a very small living space. This does, however, require a bit of smart thinking. Here you will find 8 practical ideas, on what you can do to get the most out of your small living area.

Think 3-dimensional

Thinking 3-dimensional means, that you do not only consider the floor area for furnishing and decoration, but also the walls. You can attach different shelves to the walls, or above the doors. How about your television and sound system? You should keep in mind, that the walls need to carry all that load, so it is best to inform beforehand what can be done and whatnot.

Trim your belongings

This might sound obvious, but many people have things they do not really need, or they have too much from the same type of item lying around. One of the secrets for small space living is trimming your belongings, meaning to get rid of anything you do not need, or you will probably not need within the next 12 months. If there are little things you want to keep, for example, due to the emotional value, try to sort them, and put them into a drawer or a box; stash them away so that your place looks neat and clean.

Also, use the ‘one in, one out’ strategy. For example, if you buy something, but you already have an older similar item, get rid of the older item.


With all the possibilities of digital media, you can digitize your photos, music, and videos. Therefore, you do not need to have them lying around physically, but you have them stored on your hard drive. You can then connect the hard drive to your television and sound system.

Furniture with storage capabilities

Furniture with storage capabilities lets you combine space; you can use that furniture to sleep on, sit on, or eat on, and yet you can use the storage to stash things away.

Buy a sofa bed

If you have only one room available, buying a sofa bed can save you space; you do not need a sofa and a bed separately. You can stash the blankets and pillows in the storage area of the sofa bed when you don’t need them and have guests around during the day.

Synchronize the functionality of your appliances

Is there something you can synchronize? The above idea of buying a sofa bed is one example, but how about other examples? If you have a microwave oven, how often do you really use it, and how can it be replaced by a traditional oven? How about using your television and surround system to listen to radio channels, instead of having a separate radio around. Do you have a separate dining table and a working desk? Think about it.

Optical enlargement

If you are living in a small space area, using light and neutral colors for your walls and doors gives extra space to the room. Dark colors will often make a room appear much smaller. Also, having enough light coming into the room is very important to simply feel well, and mirrors might further optically enlarge the room.

Use each corner of your living area. After you have fully furnished your place, you might find, that some corners and areas remain unused. However, especially these areas are great to be used, for storage furniture, lighting, or plants.


Decorating a small living space can be a great challenge. But with the right mindset and a little bit of discipline, it can be turned into a comfortable area, that you can call ‘home’.

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