How To Speak With A British Accent, 5 Easy Tips

How To Speak With A British Accent, 5 Easy Tips

“Hello there, How do you do, Would you care for a cup of tea? A cup of tea on such a day would do you just fine” Saying what you just read aloud in your own unique way should not be too much of an issue. However, if you are looking to speak out the same thing in the same way an Englishman would do, you have a challenge there.

However, with a little skill and practice, you should be overcome that. English accents or the way the English speaker is always a pleasure to listen to, which probably explains why the Englishmen almost always have women swooning over them. In any case, this shouldn’t be your sole inspiration behind trying to master the English accent, although it can be one of the many.

Most people make attempts at picking up an English accent for professional reasons, while some may just do the same for the thrills that can be derived from the act of picking up this accent. Go ahead and read on to unearth a few handy tips on how to speak with a British accent.

Speaking With A British Accent

  1. When you are looking to speak in a British accent, you have three choices at hand. This is mostly because Great Britain is an island nation that is divided into three parts- England, Wales, and Scotland, which makes up for most of the nation, and people hailing from each part have their own accents.  Once you have made your choice, you can begin with the task of mastering your English accent.
  2. Just like any other accent, you will have to listen and observe when people speak or communicate in a British accent. However, it may not always be possible to come across an Englishman and pick up the accent by speaking or listening to him. So, what is the next best alternative? British television, of course. Watching British shows and movies can really help you pick up the accent. Regularly watching British television and movies, the accent should come to you by default.
  3. An ear for detail. Make it a point to notice and practice the pronunciation of the ‘R’s. The English don’t really roll their ‘R’s. Here, R is R and there are no two ways about it. You may also want to pay special attention to the pronunciation of your T’s. For example, the word ‘serendipity’ should be pronounced as ‘seren-di-pity’ and not ‘seren-di-pidy’. This is just an example, you will have to do everything it takes to notice and practice how the English pronounce each and every syllable in their own distinct way.
  4. It is important to pay attention to your tone of voice when speaking. The English usually start off their sentences with a loud tone and finish off the sentence with a slightly muted tone. In a way, it is a regressive approach to a sentence. The British are known to vary their tones when they speak. Mastering this may take some time, but it definitely is not impossible.
  5. When you are looking to speak like the British, it is important to enunciate or pronounce rather than just speak or say the words. The English ‘pronounce’ their words, which is why the English accent is often considered to be the most proper accent around. It would be hard to disagree with this because if you notice, the British really have a very clean and uncluttered approach to their pronunciation of words and syllables even.

There you have it! You now have at your disposal extremely useful guidelines on how best to speak with an English accent. Use it and use it well, before you know it may be potentially challenging to differentiate your accent from that of an Englishman.

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