How to Make Your Lips Pink. 9 Amazing Tips

How to Make Your Lips Pink. 9 Amazing Tips

Imagine how it would be if you didn’t have to use lipstick at all to conceal the darkness and the paleness of your lips! Nothing can substitute the charm of soft, supple naturally pink lips. However, most of us are not fortunate to retain the pink tint of the lips which we once had as kids.

There can be many reasons why our lips keep getting darker with time. Exposure to pollution, direct exposure to sun rays, smoking, excessive caffeine intake, etc causes the lips to become dark. Dark lips tarnish your beauty and make you look much older. If you can point out the reason why your lips are becoming dark, you will be able to check it faster.

There are some homemade remedies that you can follow if you want to bring back the lip color which you once had. There are some lifestyle changes which you would have to make in order to get back your pink lips once again. Read on to learn how.

Home Remedies

  1. Take a slice of lemon and rub the juice on your lips before going to bed. Let the juice dry up and then apply a moisturizer on your lips. Lemon has bleaching properties and it helps in removing the tan that has formed on your lips, thus making them pink once again. But be careful as it can make your lips very dry. So when you apply the moisturizer, make sure that you apply a good amount of it and massage the lips well so that it seeps in. Do this once a week to get back your lovely lips.
  2. Before going to bed, if you can apply some beetroot juice on your lips every day, it will leave a lovely pinkish tint on your lips. Just make sure that the juice doesn’t seep down and stain the rest of your face. After applying the juice, wash your hands well with soap.
  3. Rose petals work the same way as beetroot juice does. So collect some petals and grind them till a liquid comes out. Apply this liquid to your lips and leave it overnight. Again, make sure the juice doesn’t seep below and stain the rest of your face. For best results, you can alternate the two above mentioned remedies.
  4. Dead cells that accumulate on your lips make them look dark and pale. So exfoliating your lips is very important once in a while. Take a toothbrush and gently rub on your lips. But you must handle the toothbrush with a lot of care. Your lips are very delicate. So don’t rub it too hard on your lips. Exfoliation will remove the coffee stains and all other foreign particles which have accumulated on your lips.
  5. Take some turmeric powder, milk cream, and honey and rub the mixture gently on your lips for five minutes. This will make your lips soft and pink.
  6. Take glycerin and massage your lips with it every day. You can also do the same with honey.

Few Tips For Pink Lips

  1. Always apply moisturizer to your lips. While choosing a chapstick or a lip gloss for yourself, pick one which is made of natural products such as honey and bee wax. Also, make sure that it contains SPF. If you expose your lips to the sun, the UV rays will take a toll on your lips, making them dark. When you return home, apply cold water on your lips followed by chilled rosewater.
  2. If you want to achieve naturally pink lips, you must make some lifestyle changes as well. Try to quit smoking. If you cannot do it at one go, cut down on the number of sticks you smoke every day. Every time you smoke, wear lip gloss so that the smoke does not come in direct contact with your lips.
  3. Alcohol too has an adverse effect on your lip color as it does on the rest of your body. So cut down on the amount of alcohol consumption.  

If you work upon your lifestyle and follow the home remedies religiously, there is no reason why you won’t be able to bring back the lost color of your lips.

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