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How to Look Prettier? 14 Great Tips For You

How to Look Prettier? 14 Great Tips For You

You look at the celebs and you wonder how they get it right every time. Overnight transformations happen only in the movies. Outside of movies, it’s not just the team of beauty police that helps them achieve that look, for the celebs have a greater part to play in making themselves look radiantly pretty and charming.

It requires a lot of things to be done, all at once, to come out with an end result that makes you go “wow…wish I could look that pretty”. The good news is, you can; not so good news is, you’ll have to work hard to earn your share of that pretty glowing tag. But rest assured, when it happens, it’ll leave you gratified and feeling at the top of the world, probably looking more beautiful than the celebs.

So, are you willing to take on the challenge? It requires nothing much but a little dedication and some self-cleansing: from the inside and outside. Continue reading to know how to look pretty. You are about to be transformed! Conditions applied!


How is your sleep acting up lately? Are you getting a proper nap? If not then a dull and lethargic look on your face will hold you a victim. Get a good 7-8 hours of sleep on a daily basis to feel fresh and energized. Positive results will definitely show up on your face, leaving you with a prettier reflection. 

Inner Beauty Equals Outer Beauty

It’s true when people say that outer beauty is but a reflection of inner beauty. So, take good care of your inner beauty by eating right. Include a balanced diet, full of vegetables and fruits, in your routine, and start to meditate/pray/do yoga on a regular basis. And most importantly: see the positives in you and love yourself! 


The inevitable skin benefits of drinking sufficient water can be ignored, but only till the time realization doesn’t dawn upon. Since a major percentage of the human body is made up of water, drinking water in copious amounts is required to force harmful toxins out of the body, thereby improving the overall health of the body, including glowing and fresher-looking skin


Looking prettier has more to do with feeling healthy and fit than with ounces of makeup loaded on your face. Therefore, make sure to exercise for at least half an hour daily. No, it won’t leave you feeling fatigued any more than you’re feeling now but will help you get in shape and relieve your body of all the stress and tension. 


To yourself, you may be the prettiest in the world; but to others, you’ll be as pretty as the attitude you wear. A domineering, careless, and negative attitude towards others will leave you with the opposite of compliments, thereby leaving you to feel less pretty than what you actually are. Having a considerate and generous attitude towards others will leave you feeling better and in turn, prettier.


A bad hair day or bad hair altogether can make you feel a lot less pretty and unconfident. Oil, shampoo, and condition your hair regularly, and do remember to comb them when dry. Consider a professional hairstylist to give you a style that brings out your personality. Change your hairstyle every few months to revamp your look to “all-new pretty”. Use gentle hair care products from recognized brands. 


Skin needs to be handled with the utmost care and an unmaintained one can severely hamper your confidence and bring down the pretty meter. When going out in the sun, use sunblock with SPF. Go for more SPF ratings if you are to stay in the sun for a longer period of time. Wash your face at least twice daily with a gentle face wash, following by using a low-on-chemical moisturizer.


Clothes, chosen and fitted to perfection will give you an all-new personality. Make sure to go for the colors and style that suit you rather than blindly following the celebs. While shopping, take your best friend along who could help you out in picking the right kind of style. Wear appropriate footwear and don’t over-accessorize. You can also seek the help of a professional stylist to give you a complete clothing makeover. 

Additional Tips

  1. Don’t go overboard with the makeup. Remember, makeup should be applied to accentuate your look, not hide your natural self.
  2. Maintain good dental hygiene; brush after every meal and floss twice a day. Use an alcohol-free mouthwash for total protection.
  3. Complement your pretty look with a solid confident walk that doesn’t send out a lethargic tone. Walk straight and walk upright, maintaining good body posture.
  4. Wear alcohol-free and long-lasting deodorants and perfumes. Smelling good throughout the day will help you feel pretty better.
  5. Wear a lip gloss or lip balm to heal the lip cracks. It will also moisturize and help them stay healthy for a longer period of time.
  6. Always have a smile on your face, the real one. When you’re able to follow the above schedule, you won’t have to fake it. It will come naturally! 

Try to keep up to all of the above conditions that you’ve read and you’ll not only start to look pretty but feel pretty from the inside too. Be ready for the compliments that come your way and accept them with gratitude. You’ve worked hard!

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