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How to Get Soft Lips in the Blink of an Eye.

How to Get Soft Lips

Soft, supple lips add oomph to your face. Dry, chapped lips make your face unattractive and pale. So, what if you are stuck with the dry chapped variant? With so much surgical face fixing doing the rounds, you can obviously opt to go under the knife to get soft, fuller lips. But what if you don’t have the time or the money to do so? Then what? Can’t think of an option? Don’t worry, for we have great ideas, applying to which you can get soft, fuller, and supple lips in the blink of an eye.

No, we aren’t talking about any costly cosmetic cream or balm; it is just simple home remedies that we are focusing on. These home remedies will help retain the moisture of the lips and make them softer and suppler. And mind it, these are pocket-friendly too! Narrow those widened eyes and bring down the raised eyebrows. Just read through the next part of the article and get some handy tips for getting soft lips. 

How to Get Soft Lips
  • Make water your favorite drink. You should drink at least eight to ten glasses of it every day. Consumption of an optimum amount of water on a regular basis will do wonders for your health and looks.
  • Take equal quantities of glycerin and lime juice and mix them well. Glycerin helps to make your lips soft and smooth and lime juice acts as a bleaching agent, fixing the complexion of your lips. Do this on a regular basis and soon you can bid goodbye to chapped lips forever!
  • Lift that cream off the milk. Take half a tablespoon of honey. Mix it well. Leave it onto your lips for fifteen to twenty minutes. Discover soft lips every time you do this.  
  • Keep a bottle of olive oil at your bedside. Take a few drops of olive oil and apply it to your lips before going to bed. Wake up to soft and supple lips in the morning.
  • Exfoliating is not just limited to the skin. You can exfoliate your lips as well to get rid of the dead cells. Just mix honey and sugar in equal parts and exfoliate your lips using the mixture. In no time, the dry chapped lips would give way to the soft, supple ones.
  • Another idea would be to mix 2 teaspoon coconut oil, lemon juice, 3 drops of lemon oil, and 1 teaspoon bee wax. Warm the mixture and wait until it melts. Pour the mixture into a glass jar and apply it every night before going to bed.  

Additional Tips

  • If you feel that your lips are becoming rough, dark, and pale, it may be because of the excess caffeine intake or your smoking habit.
  • While buying lipsticks, pick one that has moisturizing value along with the cosmetic value. And before going to bed, don’t forget to take the lipstick off.
  • If your lips have cracked, don’t peel off the skin. It may cause bleeding and lead to infection, thereby further drying and chapping them.
  • Don’t stick to your matte lip shade. The matte colors do not have much moisture in them, as compared to the non-matte ones. So if your lips look dull and dry, cover up with non-matte lipstick to hide away the dryness and provide the much-needed moisture.
  • If you want to prevent tan or pigmentation of the lips, wear a lip balm with SPF. It will keep your lips soft and will also protect it from the sun.
  • What do you do when your lips dry up? You lick them, don’t you? Note that though momentarily you might succeed in moistening them, in the long run, you aren’t doing anything better than making them drier. The saliva contains salt which sits on the lips, causing further dryness. So, do away with the habit of licking the lips for soft supple variants.  

A woman with soft and lovely lips is always admired by the people around her. So, adhere to the tips given above and go out and flaunt those beautiful lips of yours to the world!

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