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6 Tips on How to Get Rid of Upper Lip Hair

How to Get Rid of Upper Lip Hair

Upper lip hair looks horrible on women! There are many causes as to why hair grows on the upper lips. For some people it is genetic. Some races are prone to growing body hair. Sometimes even diseases (such as polycystic ovarian syndrome) give rise to the growth of too much body hair. However, there are many ways to remove them.

Some of the methods are temporary solutions and you have to remove your upper lip hair every time it grows back; while some are permanent fixtures. If you have them, do not fret. Just take to any of the hair removal methods. Upper lip hair can be removed by simple methods such as waxing, threading, or can also be removed by complex medical procedures such as laser treatment and electrolysis. The individual methods have their pros and cons.

You can choose any of them according to your convenience. The simplest of all methods is shaving off the upper lip hair. But this method is not advisable as it multiplies the growth and also makes your upper lip region turn black. Read on to learn the different methods by which you can remove upper lip hair. 


The most common method of removing hair from the upper lip area is waxing. Heat up some wax and take some of it on a spatula. Apply it to the upper lip region. Spread disposable wax strips on the region. You can use cloth too. Press the cloth against the skin and then pull it off. It would initially hurt a bit but the hair will come off clean. You will find that the hair has come off from the roots.

Your upper lip will become completely clean as wax takes off the dirt too. Another great advantage of waxing is that hair growth reduces with time. Wax is a sticky substance and if you think that you are not being able to manage it on your own, you can take the help of a professional. Once the upper lip becomes clean, you can apply some ice or cream to soothe your skin. 


Threading is another common method which a lot of women opt for. The hair is pulled off with the help of a thread. You can avail of this at any local beauty parlor. 


Some women bleach their upper lip hair. This method decolorizes the upper lip hair so that they blend with the skin color and are not prominent. You can buy bleach from the market and do it all by yourself. You can also go to a professional. However, the chemicals which are used in bleach may not suit people with extremely sensitive skin. 


Removing upper lip hair with tweezers is a primitive method which some women opt for. You can do this at home all by yourself. Tweezers are available in the market. You have to get hold of the tiny hairs and pluck them off. Once you are done, massage the upper lip region with some cream. 

Laser Treatment

If you want to remove your upper lip hair permanently, you can opt for laser treatment. It is a long-lasting and very effective solution. In this method, laser rays are made to pass through the hair follicles. These rays destroy the hair permanently. But you must know that this is a time-consuming process as the hair follicles are treated one by one. 


Electrolysis is a method used to destroy the roots of the hair with the help of electricity. This leaves no possibility for hair to grow again. But if you get this treatment done, you will not have to worry about hair removal for the rest of your life. The treatment will take 3 – 5 sessions to be completed. The number of sessions you will take depends on the type of growth you have. For some people with huge hair growth, it takes up to 10 and even 12 sessions. With every session, you will be able to notice the change.


The growth of hair on the upper lips looks absolutely gross on women. If you suffer from this, just make an attempt to remove the hair and you yourself will notice the change. Not only will it change the way you look, but it will also boost up your spirits too.  Go out and face the world with confidence!  

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