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How To Do Computer Yoga – 5 Easy Exercises

How To Do Computer Yoga - 5 Easy Exercises

Are you one of the millions of people who earn a living by working on the computer all day? If yes, then you wouldn’t be ignorant of the pain, stress, and tension that your mind and body go through after you return home. To add on, prolonged hours of working on the computer can get you complaining of these problems even before you move out of your chair for lunch. To reduce your stress and tension, and give you some relief from hurting your back wrists, and arms, you have at your disposal computer yoga. It is the only answer to all office-goers’ question of remaining positive and active throughout the day.

Such is the trauma that a computer brings you with extended working durations. No doubt, it is one of the most useful technologies made by man and has made life easier, but one can’t ignore the downsides of this savvy technology.

Get to know how to do computer yoga and infuse more energy and freshness into your entire body and mind. 

How To Do Computer Yoga 

Exercise 1

Sit on your sit bones on the chair with your back straight, away from the chair back, and feet flat on the floor. Inhale deeply and place your finger on the sternum (the flat, long bone located in the middle of your chest). Lift up and firmly push your finger in. Relax and exhale, allowing your shoulders to drop on your sides. Bring out your forearms and upper arms. Hold your palms together while keeping your shoulder blades close to your back. Holding this position, place your hands back on the keyboard or your lap. Push back your forehead slightly such that your chin is in and not lifted out. 

Exercise 2

Join both your hands in front of your chest and lower your chin. Take a deep, slow, and steady breathe inhaling the maximum air you can without applying much force. Exhale out slowly. Inhale and exhale the same amount of air and in the same length of time. Use both your nostrils to do this exercise. Repeat this exercise twice, ending with exhalation and continuing with normal breathing. Relax and bring back your chin to a normal position. 

Exercise 3

This one is easy and most of you must have done it as and when you get up or move around. Lock your fingers of both hands together over your head. Stretch them out in an upward direction to stretch the spine. Make sure that you are seated straight while performing this exercise. 

Exercise 4

Place your right arm over your head with the palm facing inwards towards the head. Bend towards your left until you can feel the stretch in your waist on the right side. Keep the left arm rested on the chair for support. Repeat on the other side with your left hand. 

Exercise 5

Sit straight with your back upright on a chair. Roll out your tongue as much as possible. Roar softly without exerting much pressure on your tongue and throat. This exercise stretches your jaws relaxing them and circulates blood throughout your face and throat. 

Practice these computer yoga exercises and you’ll be active and pepped up in the office throughout the day. Time for a boost up of your body and mind!

Cover Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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