How to Beat Stress and Simplify Life

How to Beat Stress and Simplify Life

Do you find yourself constantly trying to beat stress? Even with more and more time-saving machines and gadgets in our homes, we find ourselves running short of time more than ever.  It is impossible not to feel short of breath as we perform the numerous roles in our daily lives. We need to acknowledge the impact of stress in order to overcome it. As they say, we must accept there’s a problem before we try to resolve it. If we keep fooling ourselves by thinking that we can still go on no matter what and continue to ignore stress, it will surely get the better of us. Let us look at some simple ways to beat stress and simplify life so that we’re able to focus on the most important things in our life.

  • Incorporate a relaxing routine.

If we don’t have a regular daily routine at the start and end of each day, the haphazardness can creep into everything we do throughout the day. Set a routine for yourself such as an early morning jog or walk in the park along with your spouse or start your day with swimming or some other sort of sport. Similarly, indulge in some late evening activity on a daily basis. This will help you define your day and increase your productivity in everything you undertake.

  • Prioritize tasks and practice time management.

Today’s fast-paced life forces us to think that we need to get everything done “yesterday”.  We try to squeeze in the maximum amount of activities into a single day, especially over weekends. Everything seems equally important. Well, in fact, it’s not and you need to prioritize your daily to-do list to allow enough time for you to be able to focus on everything you do. Allot time for each activity after prioritizing and you’ll not leave any space for stress to creep in.

  • Take short breaks.

Whether you’re at home or at your workplace, frequent short breaks are more beneficial than a long recess. Short breaks improve focus and productivity while the monotony of long activities induces stress. It is best to distract yourself every once in a while to return to the task at hand with a refreshed mind. This is by far the simplest technique to make things appear more manageable.

  • Don’t take up too many responsibilities.

Several people have a problem saying “No” and get stressed out when they can’t handle everything that they’ve taken up. This inevitably leads to stress! Resist from complicating your life in a bid to please everyone around you. When you feel you have enough to last for a day, don’t take up anything more. Don’t worry! No one will think you’re acting busy to avoid work. In fact, people will respect you for doing whatever’s at hand to the best of your ability. Work done in a stress-free atmosphere is always better than tons of things done under immense stress.

  • Find simpler & more effective ways to do things.

Make a list of tasks that stress you out the most and see if there’s any way to eliminate them or get some help with them. If huge tasks stress you out, break them into mini-projects and focus on one small chunk of the huge task at a time. It sounds simple and yet works well! Divide responsibilities among all family members at home. Learn the art of delegation at work. The activities that cause stress to a single person in charge of everything will turn into a fun thing to do when everyone contributes their bit by pitching in. For instance, cleaning out the garage can seem like a mammoth task, but dividing it into smaller activities and getting help from a few other people can turn it into a one-day activity!

Hope these tips will help you see things in a different light and make life simpler for you. Practicing these techniques at home and at the workplace can contribute to a great work-life balance!

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