14 Great Health Benefits of Beetroot Juice

14 Great Health Benefits of Beetroot Juice

Beetroot is probably one of the most commonly found vegetables in the world. The vegetable can be eaten raw, cooked, boiled, or juiced. Beetroot is best used when it is juiced, as it is healthy and easy to digest. It is a crimson-colored liquid, well known, and popular for its amazing health benefits. Beetroot juice is really good for digestion.

Ironically, beetroot when consumed in the raw form is difficult to digest, much in contrast to its juice equivalent. Adding beetroot juice to your daily diet helps you stay healthy. The beetroot juice is really high in carbohydrates and low on fat, and hence is a really nutritious way to start your day with. It digests quickly and hence is a refreshing way to get instant energy.

The red pigment of this juice is absorbed by blood corpuscles and increases the oxygen intake of the blood by manifolds. 

Health Benefits of Beetroot

  1. The vegetable is considered the best to tackle digestion related problems like acidity and acidosis. This happens because the beetroot juice is highly alkaline in nature. It also aids in easy digestion.
  2. Doctors prescribe beetroot to patients who are anemic because the beetroot juice contains a high amount of iron, which helps in revitalizing the red blood cells. The copper content in it helps the body to absorb the iron contents easily.
  3. At times the arteries harden because the body retains an excess of calcium, which starts depositing on the inner walls of the arteries, making it stiff and hard. But this juice works magically in removing these deposits as it is a great solvent for calcium.
  4. The beetroot juice has healing properties that help in normalizing both high and low blood pressures.
  5. The beetroot has anti-cancerous properties, as it contains an amino acid known as Betaine. Thus, it resists the formation of cancerous cells and hence, in turn, lowers the risk for stomach or colon cancer.
  6. The beetroot juice has high cellulose content and hence its regular consumption helps in relieving chronic constipation.
  7. If you want to have a dandruff-free scalp without using chemical shampoos or medicines fearing their side effects, then use the following homemade remedy. Mix a small quantity of vinegar to a small cup of it juice and apply it to your scalp. Leave it for an hour then rinse it off. Continue till the problem persists.
  8. It is also used during alcohol rehabilitation, as it acts as a detoxifying agent if the consumption is discontinued. It detoxifies the liver along with the whole system.
  9. To get instant relief in case of gastric ulcer, mix some honey to beetroot and consume fresh. Consistent consumption of this, thrice a week, will help eradicate the problem from its root.
  10. If you suffer from a gall bladder or kidney disease, then it is highly recommended to include beetroot and carrot juice in your diet. You can notice the difference yourself.
  11. The cleansing properties of beetroot juice work great when it comes to liver or bile ailments. The potency of the cleansing agent increases if you add a dash of lime to the vegetable’s juice.
  12. Daily consumption of the vegetable juice helps build up the immune system, hence, preventing a number of diseases.
  13. Beetroot juice also helps in increasing the stamina of the body and hence is taken as a supplement by the athletes. It reduces the uptake of oxygen while workouts, hence decreasing the fatigue level of the body.
  14. If you are expecting a baby, then you should increase the intake of beetroot juice because of its rich vitamin B content, which plays a crucial role in preventing birth defects in babies. 

Beetroot juice is healthy skin and blood revitalizer which leaves a permanent effect on the blood generation capabilities of the body. One must include this juice in the daily routine to live a healthy long life.

Cover Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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