8 amazing Health Benefits of Almond Milk

8 amazing Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Most people know that almonds are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, but not many people know that almond milk is a rich source of nutrients too. Almond milk is prepared by mixing a few blanched almonds in a mixer with water until finely mixed. The liquid is then poured into a container and the pulp is retained.

The white liquid, thus, obtained is almond milk. It can be used as regular milk, or in tea and coffee. The best aspect about this milk is that it can be stored at room temperature, and won’t get worse even if you leave it open. Almond milk is better than soy milk because of the low sugar contents and hence, can be used by people who are calorie-conscious.

The further part of the article will provide you complete health benefits of almond milk. Read them and go ahead to include them in your diet

Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Manages Weight

If you are thinking of cutting down the calorie count in your diet, as you recently noticed a little bulge in your tummy area, and are looking for a substitute for milk, then you can comfortably rely on almond milk. Apart from being highly nutritious, it is really low on fat and does not contain those extra calories. If consumed without adding sugar, it contains lesser calories than skimmed milk. 

Good for Heart

If you are avoiding high cholesterol foods for breakfast, as your doctor has warned you about the rising risk of heart disease, and are now confused as to how to make your breakfast a complete meal, then try almond milk. Easy to prepare, totally free from cholesterol, and really low on sodium, consumption of it helps decrease the risk of heart disease. 

Maintains Blood Sugar

Almonds contain only 8 gms of carbohydrates per serving. This means, it contains only 7 gms sugar, which is much less when compared to other milk alternatives. Thus, it can be concluded that consuming almond milk helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. Also, the sugar present in the almonds is of low glycemic nature, which means it is fully digestible and is absorbed completely by the body to be converted into energy. 

Good for Bones

It is a lesser-known fact that apart from being a low-fat diet, almond milk is also rich in calcium and vitamin D. These two nutrients are the building blocks for healthy bones. In fact, it has been proved that consuming one serving a day of almond milk gives you more calcium than regular cow milk. Vitamin D has a number of other benefits too as it helps in decreasing the risk of osteoporosis, improving immunity, and resisting Alzheimer’s disease. 

Skin Care

Almond milk is really good for healthy skin too because it contains the necessary vitamin E. One serving of this refreshing beverage helps fulfill 50% of the daily minimum need for vitamin E of the body. It is a powerful nutrient that is needed by the body to regulate vitamin A. Along with these benefits, vitamin E itself works great as an antioxidant. 

Ocular Health

If you have weak eyesight, then your ophthalmologist must have asked you to add almonds to your diet because it helps improve your eyesight. The reason behind this advice is that a moderate amount of vitamin A is found in almonds, which helps in maintaining the healthy functioning of the eyes. It helps in adjusting the eyes to different light changes. 

Helps in Body Building

Despite containing only a moderate amount of protein, limiting to 1 gm per serving, almond milk contains vitamin B in form of riboflavin, omega fatty acids, and iron. Each serving of almond milk contains about 4% of the recommended daily intake of iron, which helps muscles absorb and use protein for energy, growth, and repair. 

Full of Minerals

Almond milk is a great source of magnesium, which helps in breaking down the food into energy. It also provides manganese and phosphorus to the body, which activates enzymes in the body, which, in turn, helps in keeping teeth and bones healthy. The milk also contains selenium which works wonders in improving the immune system and metabolism of the thyroid, thereby preventing cell and tissue damage. 

Similar to the nut from which this beverage is obtained, almond milk is loaded with easily digestible nutrients. This beverage is especially a boon for people who are unable to consume milk for different reasons.

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