The Insider Secret on Hand Modeling Uncovered

The Insider Secret on hand modeling Uncovered

Hand modeling is a kind of part modeling that involves the display of one’s hands for the purpose of promoting a product, art, fashion, or advertising. Typically hand modeling focuses on close-up pictures or videos on hands or fingers or nails. But unlike normal people, hand models have to be extra careful about keeping their hands flawlessly beautiful.

Is Hand Modeling For You?

There’s a certain anonymous appeal to hand modeling, unlike traditional modeling where you would be visible as the model. Typically, with hand modeling, there isn’t a face to go with the hands or it could be shown to belong to a celebrity. If you ever happen to catch one of those shampoo or skin care advertisements endorsed by famous celebrities, all those shots you see of the manicured hands and the lustrous mane of hair are most likely those of other models and not those of the celebrities.

In fact, many famous hand models regularly model for celebrities, much like dubbing artists who become the voice of an actor behind the scenes.

There are certain basic requirements to qualify. Let us have a look at a few of those below.

  • Needless to say, you cannot have a seriously disfigured hand with huge scars, boils, wound marks, spots or discoloration that can be clearly spotted in a close up on your hand.
  • A flawless skin and an even complexion on your hand will stand you in good stead in hand modeling. Both the front and back of the hand need to look as perfect as possible.
  • Typically for female hand models, modeling agencies insist on narrow, slender hands with long fingers and long nail beds. Therefore an unblemished, smooth and slender hand with long nails is a good candidate for hand modeling.
  • For male models, hand modeling calls for tough-looking, burly hands that look like they belong to say a strong police officer or a hand that looks like it belongs to an educated and polished professional with a dash of sophistication such as the kind of hand that looks good in a suit or a blazer.
  • For still photos, you need to be able to hold your hand steady. If you have a serious problem in keeping your hand from shaking noticeably, than it is not your best option.

Tender, Loving Care for the Hands

Hand modeling is a very delicate profession, literally. You need to take very good care of your hands to avoid any accidental scratching or scarring. You cannot have white spots on your nails or marks on the skin of your hands and this is achieved by drinking lots of water and eating food that will make your skin look healthy and supple. Besides, dietary care you need to keep your hands properly manicured at all times. Moisturizing your hands may become an obsession with a career in hand modeling.

Many modeling agencies that hire top hand models require them to take very good care of their hands owing to the high profile of their clientele and their big-budget assignments which translate into better salaries for the models too. Activities such as cooking, rigorous cleaning are not recommended. Depending on the client budget and the hiring agencies, hand modeling can earn you anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on an hourly basis. Now, who wouldn’t want to pamper and secure their hands that earn them such a decent livelihood?

As experienced hand models would tell you, it is not as easy as owning a pair of flawless hands. Hand modeling goes much beyond that and it is much tougher to express feelings and convey them by using just your hands. Learning how to position your hands so that they look photogenic and becoming accustomed to holding products with your hands for hours together until the perfect shot comes through is certainly not a day’s work. Like in all other fields of modeling, there is money but there’s also a lot of stress and manual effort. If you’re up for all that hard work, hand modeling can be a very satisfying and surprisingly glamorous career.

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