9 Beautiful Haircuts and Tips for Short Curly Hair

9 Beautiful Haircuts and Tips for Short Curly Hair

“The world is a mess but my hair is perfect.” This quote, funnily, sums up how every youngster sees things today! On a more serious note, perfect hair comes with getting an ideal hairstyle that suits your face cut and personality. From the likes of Meg Ryan in “Sleepless in Seattle” to Christina Aguilera in the early ’90s, short curly hair has taken its place amongst the most popular and trendy haircuts.

Apart from looking extremely cute and fashionable, curls come with immense maintenance and conditioning. Most often than not, long curly hair tends to become unmanageable thus, leading to short curly hair! Curls and waves develop due to the presence of flat hair follicles in the head.  Frizz and dryness are some of the major problems faced by women with this kind of hair.

If you are looking to perm your hair or experiment with the length then short curly haircuts are ideal for that classy look, especially for summers. Your locks can be colored and given bangs for the extra-sexy factor! If you want to learn more about the types of short curly haircuts, then read ahead. 

Simple, Short & Curly

This hairstyle, sported by many celebrities such as Carey Mulligan, is the simplest form of short and curly hair. Different levels are added to accentuate the shape of the face and complement its structure. Short wavy hair can contain bangs to add certain spunk to the locks. It can either be worn naturally or slicked back. 

Jagged Ends

One of the best examples of people who show off their curls is Rihanna. Here, the hair is chopped to produce sharp edges and different layers. It can be dyed or streaked, depending on individual preferences. The sides are cut to complement the shape of the face.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

If you are a fun and flirty kind of woman then this type of curly bob is just for you. Several cuts made alongside the back and sides to provide a soft look on the appearance are the trademark of this hairstyle. These kinds of curls/waves sit naturally on the head, without any extra effort.

Casual Short Waves

All a woman needs to impress a man is simple and cute tendrils on her head! Casual short waves are those which can be achieved with a curling iron and an extra protection serum. It is a versatile haircut as the curls can be made anywhere and they also last long enough to leave an impression.

Lifted Curls

When the hair is made to achieve a maximum height by lifting it off the roots, it results in this type of hairstyle. Usually seen in older women with round faces, this trendy cut aims to maintain the style, although regular trimming and conditioning are necessary. This hairstyle also goes by the name of “upswept curls”; these curls are classy, elegant, and stylish. This is mainly suitable for women with a pixie type of face.


The typical messy curls that are worn by Meg Ryan and Halle Berry in many of their movies have become almost synonymous with these great names. Here, there is a combination of long and short layers, giving a laid-back look. This look is easy to maintain; you just have to look messy enough! 

Unstructured Hair

If you have unstructured curls then the best way to sport them is by going natural! To create curls/perms that have no particular form and structure, start with air drying your hair after washing; later, set curlers in them and apply mousse into the roots, and Voila! You probably look like a sexy kitten now!


If you have short curls on the head, you may either pull them back with a headband or let them fall to the back. A side partition with a slight fringe is sure to create a classic and soft look for the bearer. In this type of look, the curls appear as waves.

Tips for Maintaining Short Curly Haircuts

  1. The first and foremost step for achieving brilliant curls is to choose the right shampoo and conditioner, followed by the application of a leave-in gel that protects the hair against heat and environmental pollution.
  2. The best way to spray your hair and leave it looking natural is to flip the hair upside down and use the product.
  3. It is not advisable to comb your hair through as this opens up the curls/waves which you have created. Run your fingers through your locks, to adjust, if need be.
  4. In case you have blunt bangs, make sure that your hair is trimmed evenly and kept looking glossy. Use anti-frizz serum on these or else your crowning glory may get bushy.
  5. It is important to know that wet hair should not be styled too much as this can lead to breakage causing uneven strands while styling. You may flat-iron certain parts of the hair.
  6. Coarse hair needs to be tamed with the help of regular grooming, before which it cannot be styled.
  7. If you are using rollers then you can achieve the hair-falling-over-one-eye effect by making sweeping actions with the help of a blow dryer.
  8. Colored hair requires special shampooing and deep root conditioning to maintain the dye and protect the hair against split ends and dryness.
  9. The best way to get natural waves in your hair is to let it air-dry and then scrunch it to the top of your head with the help of clips. Take it down in 10minutes and watch as the curls unravel! 

These are some of the types of short curly haircuts and the tips needed for their maintenance. Every woman deserves to be pampered and the best way is to get a hairstyle that suits her the most. For cute faces, a short and curly haircut is the way to go. Go for it!

Cover Image by 99mimimi from Pixabay

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