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5 Great Table Flower Arrangement Ideas

5 Great Table Flower Arrangement Ideas

Whether placed in the corner of a room, intricately wrapped and hung through the doorway, or spread as a centerpiece on a table, flowers add the much-needed touch of beauty to any space, thereby brightening up the whole location. And be it any occasion, whether birthday, marriage, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or even death, flowers fit into any and every occasion perfectly.

The difference comes in the size, shape, pattern, and color of the flowers used for the occasion. So, whether it is organizing a lavish wedding reception, your baby’s first birthday, or a private Valentine’s Day celebration, decorating the table with beautiful flowers simply adds taste and charm to the meal, completing the entire décor. After all, it’s the flowers that are of prime importance, after food and cutlery.

However, many people fail to complement their meals with flowers and thus, end up creating a disastrous mess. To avoid making such a catastrophic muddle, learn the right technique for arranging flowers on a table. These ideas would help in making your occasion just like you had always dreamt it to be – perfect and wonderful.  


Flowers arranged in statement vases make a great attraction for any kind of table. Pick up flowers that would be visible from all angles. Else, areas that lack fullness in flowers will appear awkward, especially the empty patches in between two flowers. Make sure that you pick up a vase that suits the size of the table. An oversized bouquet on a tiny table or a small bouquet on a grand table will radiate discomfort.  

Low Centerpieces

They make a great floral arrangement for dining room tables, allowing everyone to enjoy the conversation without blocking anyone’s view. To find the perfect centerpiece matching the table, pick one that complements the size and shape of the table, such as a round centerpiece for a round table and a rectangle centerpiece for a rectangular one. Further, if your table is square-shaped, your centerpiece can be either square or round.  

Flower Baskets

If you wish to give your table a different look, you can place flower baskets in the center, instead of the usual floral vases and centerpieces. Baskets with low handles and wide mouths are pretty to look at and beautifully harmonize or blend with the meal. Pick up flowers different from those that go into vases and centerpieces.

There can be a mixture of green plants and flowers, like hydrangeas and violets, since you have enough space to fit in plenty of them. But make sure that you use a liner to avoid water leakage onto the surface of the table. Further, pick up a basket that has its bottoms smooth, else it will ruin the texture of your table, leaving it with plentiful scratches.  

End-of-Table Arrangements

They look best on the opposite ends of long rectangular tables or one end of a round or square table to hide out the absence of any guest. Since they are placed at the end of the table, they can be taller than centerpieces and have more variety of flowers. Flowers for these types of arrangements include gladiolus, Moluccas, cattails, magnolias, sunflowers, and roses. The shape of the entire floral design is generally vertical or at least three times taller than its width.

Buffet-Style Arrangement

These floral arrangements largely depend upon the size of the buffet table. To make the entire look proportionate, you can accommodate buffet arrangements in different sizes, thereby allowing you to include all kinds of attractive and soothing flowers. You can choose from delphiniums, veronicas, or gladioli for line flowers, while carnations, lilies, and roses make excellent focal flowers.

Baby’s breath, Queen Anne’s lace, and statice make beautiful filler flowers. With these artistic ideas of table flower arrangements, give your dining table a creative touch. Go ahead, choose your best arrangement to generate the right mood, and enhance the dining experience!

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