5 Great Ideas For Wall Coverings

5 Great Ideas For Wall Coverings

The concept of interior decoration has gathered momentum these days with people becoming increasingly interested in sprucing up their homes. Whether you are redecorating or shifting into a new home, you can completely transform your living space by giving your walls a colorful makeover.

However, most of us hardly think beyond the options of paint and wallpaper when we think of interior decoration. One of the effective ways to decorate your home without taking up too much space is by using wall coverings. They can simply change the overall look of your home and also freshen up your home’s interior decor.

Several different walls covering ideas other than paint or wallpaper is steadily gaining currency. You can use your imagination and transform your walls into practical works of art. Depending on the look and feel you want for your home, you can select from a variety of items. Wallcoverings can serve as effective ways to spice up your home. The following information on the wall covering ideas will be useful to you to satisfy your whetted curiosity.


Fabric can be used in a number of ways to cover your walls. The simplest method is to use a wall covering which is just fabric with a paper backing. Another way is to have the fabric on batons that are attached to the wall. You can also upholster panels with the fabric and then attach the panels to the walls.

Cork Board

Corkboard is becoming an increasingly popular method of wall covering. It can be used in your child’s room or a sports-themed room in which awards and photographs can be easily posted using thumbtacks. Corkboard walls are also convenient in office spaces at home for posting calendars and memos. You can procure cork boards at any home improvement or craft store.

Wood Paneling

If you are a nature lover, wood can also be an interesting idea for wall coverings. The wood you use need not be dark oak. You can use maple or beech to obtain a much lighter effect. The wood can be left plain, stained with a natural shade, painted, or grained to make it look expensive than it really is.


The poster is a classic way to decorate your walls. You can make the posters center around a particular theme – movie, music, or a favorite artist. You can then arrange them in matching frames which will also help you preserve your posters.


Applying chalkboard paint to a wall and converting it into a functional chalkboard will be helpful if you have kids. With this wall covering idea, you need not fret about your child drawing on the walls as they can draw on the walls without damaging them. Chalkboard paint is applied like any regular paint and you can choose from a variety of colors that you can purchase from any home improvement store.

Scrapbook Theme

The scrapbook theme serves as a great idea to cover your walls if you like to have your loved ones around, which may not always be possible. Take out your favorite family photos from the chest of drawers and hang them on walls with sticky tacks. You can create different color schemes and layer them over one another.


Using mirrors as wall coverings on one side of the wall can make small rooms appear large as the reflective glass can add length, width, and height to your room. To create an artistic effect, you can even use mirrored tiles.

Before selecting a suitable idea from the aforementioned information on the wall covering ideas, you must explore all the options and then choose one that you find most appealing.

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