5 Great Beauty Tips for Working Women

5 Great Beauty Tips for Working Women

Being a woman is like having a full-time career! You need to juggle between families, friends, men, and careers, without batting your eyelids. Sometimes there are just so many things to do and so little time, that you barely have the time to hop into the shower or catch a quick bite before leaving the house in the morning.

So then how do many women manage to stay beautiful and look good in this fast-moving life? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Instead of complaining about split-ends, laugh lines, and frayed cuticles, just squeeze in some ‘I-Me-Myself’ time from your daily life and indulge in some basic beauty care to stay and feel good all along. Easier said than done! Well, not really.

You don’t really have to be some overzealous fashionista to sneak out some time from your daily life to pamper your skin and hair. Just going over these gorgeous pointers will help you stay high up on the beauty ladder without eating up on your valuable time. Check out the following tips for more on this.

Indulge in Moisturizers

Do round-the-clock appointments and fervid work hours leave your skin stripped off of essential pampering? Most women on the go barely find the time to indulge in the luxury of basic skincare, forget the extensive beauty facials, and engaging pedicures.

The result being frightful freckles, atrocious wrinkles, and haggard skin! Before you squirm and toss at this abominable thought, know that moisturizing your skin daily can take off years from your face and leave your skin soft, supple, and nourished in no time. Just tuck in your favorite skincare lotion in your bag every time you leave the house and use it generously to pamper your skin in between work shifts.

High On Sunscreen

If you thought that sunscreen was good enough for trekkers, kayak guides, lifeguards, or tour guides who spent much of their day working under the sun, you couldn’t be more wrong. It doesn’t really matter if you are working in a fully air-conditioned cozy organization or sweating out in the sun, skipping sunscreen from your essential skincare can make you look like a roasted turkey in no time.

While staying indoors can necessarily save you from getting a tan, it isn’t really a smart alternative to shun the sun’s harmful UV rays from penetrating into your skin. Get smart, use sunscreen every day, and keep aging and other skin woes away.

Cleanse Away

Are you one of those working ‘super’ women on the run who bet on a quick soapy rinse to scrape off the daily dirt from the skin? If yes, then it’s time to trash the soapy face wash for good and resort to a more gentle facial cleanser.

Most women ‘wrongly’ assume that rinsing the face several times a day with a soapy can help to keep acne, zits, and pimples away. Understand that over-cleansing isn’t the solution to blemish-free clean skin.

Cleansing the face too often damages the natural lipid barrier that can cause the skin to burn, crack, peel, itch, and sting. Invest in a good bottle of gentle cleansing lotion and make it a bedtime ritual to clean your face before you hit the sack each night.

Brush It Up

Are you someone who loves to blow away your paycheck on all beauty products that hit the aisle every fashion season? Well, having the best of beauty goods in your kitty is of little help unless you have the right tools and brushes to raid your make-up goodies.

You don’t really need to blow away big bucks to get a million-dollar look. Just invest in the right soft brushes and other application tools and jazz up that right look in no time. Not only will this help you fix a quick makeup when running late for a last-minute office party, or a client meeting, but also fetch you great compliments and irrespirable wows!

Snip It!

Do you remember the last time when you tried a new haircut or a different hairstyle? Most working women conveniently opt for the tie-or-tuck method to pull up a decent look when running late for office. Now, that’s only when you don’t have annoying frizzy mane or horribly tousled tangles to manage.

One great way to keep your mane in shape and look fashionable is to update your hairstyle every once in a while. Remember, “Nothing daunts a woman more than outdated hair and makeup”. Just hop into a nearby salon once every three months and get a quick snip to stay looking great forever.

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