Getting Rid of Stretch Marks. 4 Amazing Tips

Getting Rid of Stretch Marks. 4 Amazing Tips

Is the sight of those ghastly stretch marks giving you nightmares? Then, you have surely come to the right place! We’re here to tell you how you can get rid of stretch marks, but first, you need to know what they are and why they occur. Stretch marks are scars on the body that commonly appear as stripes on the breast, stomach, legs, or buttocks.

Excessive stretching, mostly caused by sudden weight gain, causes the fibers of skin to tear causing ugly deep marks. In the initial stages, they appear red, purple, pink, or brown and later turn into silver dents, which are far more difficult to minimize. Bodybuilders, pregnant women, and adolescents are the most prone to these blemishes on the skin.

The problem lies in the fact that there is no known remedy to treat this damage, but the good news is that it can be improved with the help of surgery or lightened by certain products. There are also natural methods that can be used on the skin to alleviate some of the signs of stretch marks. If you can afford it and are willing to take the big jump into a beauty makeover, then look through the sections below. 

Creams and Supplements

  • During the initial stages in the formation of stretch marks, certain creams and lotions are known to improve the texture of the skin. These products only make the scars less visible. Wheat germ oil is considered a good remedy for the lightening of marks on the skin.
  • Cocoa butter, when rubbed on the area of stretch marks at least three to four times a day, can provide hydration and make the skin suppler. This can be followed by the application of a self-tanner to exfoliate the surrounding skin and thus, minimizing the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Products containing vitamin C are known to increase collagen production and, in combination with glycolic acid which removes the upper layer of the skin, can be an excellent way to treat the early stages of stretch marks. It is recommended to intake 500mg of supplements thrice a day. Retinoids and tretinoin, with glycolic acid, are also mildly effective, but they should be avoided by pregnant mothers.
  • Simple remedies, such as drinking ample water to improve your complexion, can work wonders -more so if you are on the darker side. People with fairer skin are lucky as their stretch marks are hardly noticeable. Direct sunlight is yet another factor that can affect these ugly scars. More the exposure, the greater the risk of stretch mark visibility. This is because while the skin tans, stretch marks remain light and evident. Therefore, applying sunscreen lotions can also be helpful. 

Endermologie Cellulite Treatment

  • Unlike liposuction, the endermologie treatment is not invasive and attacks the dimpled layers of the skin by breaking (the cellulite boosting) lymphatic flow. It is a method wherein 2 rollers and gentle suction pumps are used to massage areas with stretch marks. This, obviously, increases circulation in the body and helps in folding the top layer of the fat. This action stretches the connective tissues and reduces cellulite.
  • This form of treatment is required once or twice a week to see optimal results. Each session lasts for 30 minutes and attends to the entire body, apart from concentration on targeted areas. But, it is not until 6 sittings that changes are actually visible. Another advantage of this technique is that it removes water and toxins from the connective tissue when they are being stretched.
  • Men and women can immensely benefit from this technology in areas of ‘love handles’ and pectoral tissues too. But, remember that home-based machines cannot replace clinically supervised treatment and thus, all these treatments must be done with the help of an expert. Also, there is no pain involved with endermologie treatment; in fact, it is relaxing although temporary bruising may occur from the deep tissue massage. 

Laser Surgery

Vascular Lasers – They are useful in removing redness in the skin (that stretch marks cause initially) but are completely ineffective in removing layers of the superficial skin.

Fractionated Lasers – The biggest advantage of these lasers is that they can improve the condition of the older skin by removing white/red scars and also, some parts of the depressed epidermis. But this takes about three sessions and is expensive for an average-income individual.

Pulsed Dye Laser Therapy – This method is more useful for newer stretch marks as compared to the older ones. Here, the underlying layers of the skin are reached which trigger the production of collagen and elastin. The heat from the machine reduces the color of blood vessels and collapses them. It is to be noted that nursing and pregnant women, and individuals with a dark skin tone are discouraged from using this technique.

Fractional Photothermolysis – Targetting specific, dot-like areas is what this procedure does. The laser improves melanin production such that stretch marks blend into the surrounding skin color. The biggest advantage of the excimer laser is that it is effective against older stretch marks but requires at least 10-20 sittings for visible results.


  • This is an expensive cosmetic technique that helps in exfoliating the surface, in terms of dead and damaged skin cells. The outer skin layer, also called the stratum corneum, may develop major scars and wrinkles. The exact procedure is like a ‘sanding’ process where the skin is scrubbed to rid it of its blemishes.
  • There are two types of microdermabrasion: crystal and diamond-tip. The former is the original one, which uses a spray and vacuum of zinc oxide or aluminum oxide crystals. These are known to be hard and cause a power peel by suctioning off dead skin. It is painless and does not require anesthesia. The diamond-tip Microderm is practically the same except, it uses the hardest known substance, diamond, to polish the epidermal layers without leaving a residue behind. 

Although there are several chemical peels, surgeries, and laser therapies available, it is better to maintain a good, well-balanced diet and use natural methods (like taking dietary alterations and water) to rid yourself of visible stretch marks.

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