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14 Great Games For The Elderly

7 Great Games For The Elderly

Elderly people also enjoy playing games just as much as kids do. The only concern is that some of them might not be physically active to play certain types of games. Whether it is a memory game, a singing competition or word puzzles seniors love every bit of it. When family members and friends organize games, close attention should be paid to the selection of the games.

It should be kept in mind that games for the elderly shouldn’t include a lot of physical movements. There are various fun and interesting games like “spotting the right photo”, “identifying the tunes played”, “playing with soft clay products” that don’t involve a lot of physical activities and are apt for the elderly.

Family, friends, and acquaintances should encourage and arrange for activities and games where senior citizens can actively participate and have some good times. Fun games help the seniors to come out of their otherwise sedentary life and get energized. Here is a list of games for seniors. Read on to get some ideas.    

Games For Seniors

Singing Along

With the body aching and the limbs making restricted movements, the heart still beats and the mind still enjoys singing. A song singing session can be arranged for the seniors. A person can be asked to start a song he/she loves and the whole group can join in singing together.  

Photo Puzzle

This will require asking all the participants to bring (without letting others know) their personal photos of young age. The game will involve all the senior people sitting on a lawn or a big area. A big projector screen will display each photo one by one. There will be a timer. The participants will have to guess the person in the photo in the stipulated time. This is a great game that stimulates memories and triggers fun and laughter. To make it more interesting, the participants can be divided into groups. The winning group gets to win a grand prize.  

Identifying The Tune

An emcee will be playing tunes of oldies one by one and participants will have to identify the tunes and sing the first few lines of the song. The winner will be the one who manages to identify the maximum number of tunes. The old tunes will definitely bring back some good memories and the elderly people will cherish the days gone by.  

Trivia Games

Trivia games are fun game ideas to play with seniors. However, it should be kept in mind that trivia questions should be such that the seniors can relate to them. Modern pop culture questions should be avoided as much as possible. Many of these interesting trivia questions will definitely initiate some interesting stories from the participants that will instigate conversation among the seniors.  


Bingo can be played among elderly people. The exciting and very popular number manipulation game can be of immense fun and excitement for the seniors. The mind remains very active during the game. Cognitive power comes into play while the elders engage in bingo. Bingo can be changed into “memory bingo” or other formats to bring maximum brain stimulation for elderly people. The winners get to have a grand feeling of success, competition, and great accomplishment in sidelining all other contestants.  

Word Games and Puzzles

Word puzzles and scrabbles are enjoyed the most by senior citizens. Participants can be divided into groups to play games. Senior people can have a blast. The winner takes home a grand prize. This is a game that proves one’s mental abilities. Word games and puzzles are great competitive and interactive tools for senior citizens.  

Card Games

Card games of various types are best to initiate fun in senior citizens. The games can be made interesting by placing small monetary bets! It does no harm for a little bit of wickedness. 

Elderly people love to have a fun, frolic, laugh, and games. Senior citizens get to enjoy, interact, and have the time of their lives with the help of games and fun activities.

Elderly Brain Games

There is a saying that with age people start behaving back as kids. Well, true to an extent, since with growing age a person’s body starts getting weaker and weaker and also the person’s brain stops working as efficiently as it used to.

Well, in order to keep the body functioning properly, you can control your diet, exercise, and workout, but the question is what should one do in order to keep the brain young? Play games, did you hear it right? Yes, you did. There are few brain games that if played will keep your brain functioning accurately even against your age.

Forgetfulness is a part of old age, but playing these brain games will surely prove this statement wrong and will make your move opposite to all the statistics. A lapse of memory is not a disease; it can be reduced and fought back by training your brain to work more efficiently. Mentioned below are some elderly brain games that will help you keep your brain fit.


Crosswords and other forms of puzzles are the best games for the elderly to indulge in. Crosswords do not only improve your vocabulary but will also keep your memory sharp. Solving puzzles require a lot of patience, focus, and concentration which will indirectly work on your anger and will improve your patience levels. The expert believes that elder people who play crosswords stand a low risk of suffering from dementia than the old people who don’t.


This number of puzzles from Japan can also work wonders for old people. This number puzzle requires a good mathematical and logical reasoning ability and old people playing Sudoku will surely develop good critical thinking skills and concentration levels. Indulging in this game will also help them rescue from the risk of possible memory loss.

Left-Handed Brushing

You might wonder what brushing has to do with the brain. We might not really know but carrying out day-to-day activities with a non-dominant hand is one of the greatest of all brain games that elders can try out. It is our brain that controls motor skills and grants muscle commands, therefore old people can develop good coordination by making use of the non-dominant hand.

In order to develop good brain-muscle coordination you can try brushing your teeth with the opposite hand, you can also try and practice cooking and writing with the opposite hand.

Card Games

Card games also help a great deal in strengthening the memory power in old people. It is good brain training for elders to keep playing the card game they like the most. Card games will not only help the senior citizens keep their memory sharp but will also improve their creativity and will also improve their speed of decision making since card games involve continuous thinking of different possibilities.

Matching Games

A deck of cards or flashcards that have duplicates is all you need to play a matching game. There is a lot of calculative moves that a player needs to take which will involve a lot of analysis and focus.

The “Right Word” Game

This is another game to save elderly people from the risk of memory loss. In order to play this game, the players are first supposed to speak out their gender and age for the game to provide the words to a particular profile of senior citizens. The game demands the players to search for a word that is there at the back of the memory but which they have not used for quite some time. This exercise helps the old people to search out such words from their memory easily, thereby training their brain to respond fast to a command.

Split Words

If you as an old person like to play puzzles, you will surely enjoy indulging in split words as well. The players will be provided with around 20 words broken into pieces, relating to a particular topic. The players will have to frame the correct word out of the jumbled letters. The judgment is made on the number of words made by the players, the number of wrong guesses made, and the response given. It is a challenging game and will surely make old people focus real hard to solve the jumbled fragments.

Growing age brings along a lot of diseases, one among them could be memory loss. However, these brain games for seniors will help their brains to function efficiently.

Cover Photo by Vlad Sargu on Unsplash

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