Top 10 Foods High In Phosphorus

Top 10 Foods High In Phosphorus

Those concerned about including all the essential vitamins and minerals in their diet must know about the mineral known as phosphorus. It’s an absolutely essential mineral required by each cell of the body for brake-free functioning and coupled with calcium, aids in the development of bones and teeth. It also helps in maintaining electrolyte and fluid balance in the body, thereby providing energy to the body.

Apart from these basic functions of phosphorus, it also provides a bunch of health benefits such as prevention of anemia, muscle pains, improper bone formation, DNA replication, and many more. Although almost every food item has a certain percentage of phosphorus, there are some that are particularly high in phosphorus and regular consumption of those prevents phosphorus deficiency.

Whether you have a phosphorus deficiency or want to maintain a steady supply of this important mineral in your body; go through the following section to know about foods high in phosphorus.


Not only is rice a high fiber food but also has the richest phosphorus content of 1677 mg per 100 gm of serving. Being a popular choice among the eaters, rice can be added to breakfast cereals, bread, and other baked goods. It can be eaten boiled or fried, along with curries and vegetables. 

Pumpkin & Squash Seeds

Pumpkin & squash seeds are the second richest reservoir with 1172 mg of phosphorus per 100 gm of serving. Pumpkin and squash seeds are among some of the healthier snacks and are also added to baked goods. They are easily available in most grocery stores. 

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds rank third in the top 10 foods high in phosphorus, with a phosphorus content of 1158 mg per 100 gm of serving. Although commonly eaten as a healthy snack, they are used as ingredients in many recipes. They can also be sprouted and eaten in salads. 

Toasted Wheat Germ

Toasted wheat germ takes fourth place in the list, with a phosphorus content of 1146 mg per 100 gm of serving. Toasted wheat germs make for a great addition to cereals, salads, desserts, casseroles, muffins, pancakes, cookies, and protein shakes.

Parmesan Cheese

Among all the varieties of cheese available, it’s the parmesan cheese that provides the highest proportion of phosphorus (fifth highest in total ranking), about 807 mg per 100 gm of serving. Parmesan cheese is good to go with spaghetti, Italian pasta, and as an ingredient to a variety of dishes including salad, bacon, potatoes, and meatballs, etc

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are the sixth with a phosphorus content of 774 mg per 100 gm of serving. They are best for their rich nutty flavor and are added to bread, including bagels and hamburger buns. Apart from this, they are also sprinkled on sushi-style foods, and used in many Japanese salads and baked snacks.

Brazil Nuts

Among all the nuts including cashews, peanuts, walnuts, etc, Brazil nuts, with a phosphorus content of 725 mg per 100 gm of serving are the seventh highest in the list of foods high in phosphorus. Brazil nuts are frequently used in soups and dishes such as pork chops and stuffed mushrooms and in desserts & baked goods.

Roasted Soybeans

Roasted soybeans, apart from being a protein-rich food, are also rich in phosphorus, providing 649 mg per 100 gm of serving. They are eighth on the list and make for a very healthy snack. They are great when used as an ingredient in various recipes such as shrimp salad, falafel, and roasted soybeans burger, and many more.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are ninth, providing a phosphorus content of 642 mg per 100 gm of serving. Flax seeds are used to produce a vegetable oil known as flaxseed oil or linseed oil and are frequently used as an ingredient in baked goods, sauces, smoothies, as a topping, and in many other recipes.


The tenth in the list of foods high in phosphorus is bacon. It provides 591 mg of phosphorus per 100 gm of serving. It’s also rich in vitamin B3 and selenium and makes for some mouth-watering dishes. However, since it is high in cholesterol, it should be eaten in moderate proportions to avoid the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Other Foods High in Phosphorus

Almonds, Cashews, Legumes, Lentils, Whole Wheat Bread, Beef, Hard Potatoes, Herring, Roe, Bran Cereal, Meat, Chicken, Halibut, Herring, Salmon, Cod, Tuna, Sardines, Lobster, Turkey, Liver, Yogurt, Eggs, Garlic, Sunflower, Corn, Broccoli, Dry Fruits. 

Choose any of the above-mentioned food items high in phosphorus or try as many as you like. Besides gaining the health benefits from having phosphorus in your system, you’ll also gain health benefits from having other food items and will provide a good change in taste at the same time.

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