Proven Acne Detox Diet and Foods That Cause Acne

5 Types of Foods That Cause Acne, Acne Cure Diet Foods and Acne Detox Diet

List of Foods That Cause Acne

The acne detox diet is a natural way of acne treatment. You will start getting results in one week. Along with acne cure, this diet also helps in curing other skin and body ailments. Just follow it as planned, and then you won’t feel like going for cosmetic methods.

When you reached your teens, you started hanging out with your friends and visiting different places. You might have noticed a change in your lifestyle, in terms of eating, spending, clothing, etc. You tried every style to look beautiful and appealing.

But, wait, do you remember, it was the age when you met your worst enemy-” Acne!“? Yes, a change in your lifestyle, especially your eating habits invited acne to your skin! When people reach their teens, they start eating unhealthy food, that imbalance their digestive system.

The foods that cause acne are fatty and oily in nature. Somebody has quoted very correctly, “Anything that goes out of limit is destructive”. We all know that fat is required in our diet, but there is a limit to every nutritional factor.

An excess of fat results in the formation of acne. Probably, in the later stages of your life, you will continue to face the acne problem. But, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that there is no permanent solution to it. Just bring out a change in your eating habits and then you will conquer acne. Let us check out some of the food items that cause acne. 

Fried Foods

Most of us like to eat fried food being served in various cuisines. The food items that we usually consume are: samosa, pakoda, french fries; the list is endless. No doubt the food is tempting, but it is said to be one of the major reasons behind acne attacks! These food items are fried in edible oils continuously without changing the oil.

Now, you might be thinking, “What is the disadvantage of using overly heated edible oil?” Well, research shows that frequent heating of edible oil forms a toxin called HNE, which is harmful to our body and digestive system. Moreover, it is unnatural oil and it becomes difficult to digest, thus resulting in the formation of unnecessary skin cells. These skin cells clog the skin pores and thus manifest in acne! 

Spicy Food

Do you love eating spicy food? Many of us do! Spices play a major role in the digestion system, but again there should be a limit to spicy food. Have you ever noticed a burning effect in your chest after the consumption of spicy food? Spices can upset the digestive system when consumed in excess. Spices generally support the inflammatory reaction during digestion. But their excessive consumption hampers the working of the digestive system, and result in the formation of acne. 

Dairy Products

Dairy products, such as milk, cheese, butter, etc. fall in the category of daily consumables. These products are enriched with fat. Their consumption in excess could again increase the quantity of fat in your skin. The excess fat gets collected on the skin. This would then come out as acne on the skin! 

Processed Foods

Today people who are leading a very busy life always try to find out the easiest and quickest ways to survive. To take an advantage of these requirements, the processed food companies have launched processed food in the market. These are also termed “Homemade foods.”

These can be prepared in half the time spent on normal cooking. But, we all know that there is always an evil side to every good. Similarly, these processed food items have a dark side too! These are industry-processed food items that are highly refined and contain lots of fat. After high refining, these food items lose their tastes. So, the manufacturers add flavors, additives, colors, and other chemicals that are harmful to the digestive system. The presence of fat and harmful chemicals upset the digestive system and cause acne. 


Don’t drink tea in excess, you will get acne! Have you ever heard your mother saying it to you? Yes, she is correct! Tea contains caffeine that also causes acne and excess tea eventually lead to acne. But, how does it lead to acne? Caffeine, when consumed in excess increases the production of sebum (sebum is the oily matter present in the skin). Sebum clogs the skin pores and outbreaks as acne on the skin. Not only tea, but other beverages, such as coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks also contain caffeine! So, from now on, don’t let your mother speak the same statement to you. 

So, these were some of the food items that can cause acne.  Just be careful about what you eat, only then you will be able to get glowing and blemish-free skin to flaunt!        

Natural Acne Detox Diet Plan

Are you fed up with various treatments that you are following for the past two days? The acne appears on your face again and again. One of your friends has advised you to follow an acne detox diet, and now you have thought of following it. Most dermatologists consider it the best and safest method for acne control.

There can be many reasons for acne formation, but an unbalanced diet is said to be the main reason. Unhealthy eating habits disturb the functioning of various glands in our bodies. To prevent the development and occurrence of acne, you need to follow a balanced diet that is fiber-rich. This fiber-rich diet is known as a detox diet. Let us first check out what exactly is a detox diet? 

A detox diet helps in removing toxins from the body. Following are the features of a detox diet:

  • A detox diet is rich in those fibers and nutrients that help in the detoxification of harmful chemicals in our body. It mainly consists of fruits, vegetable fish, and other herbs.
  • A detox diet not only reduces the formation of toxic chemicals in the body, but it also removes them.
  • It is a short-term diet and is capable of natural detoxification of our body 

So, how does it help in acne reduction? Here, we need to check the acne detox diet and its plan. 

Acne Detox Diet

Are you a fast food freak and like to eat it at any point in time? Do you consume it in excess? Moreover, you are facing an acne problem and looking for a solution to it. In that case, you must consider changing your diet.

Fast food contains all those elements that disturb the digestive system and increase the amount of oil and toxins in your body. This oil then clogs the skin pores and results in frequent acne breakouts. All you need to do is change your diet plan and include detoxifying items in your diet. Regular consumption of healthy food will reduce the formation of acne to a greater extent.

So, what food items should be included in the acne detox diet? You can include fresh and raw fruits and vegetables, beans, and nuts that are rich in proteins, fish, juices, and other herbs. These foods are rich in fiber and other nutrients, which help in cleansing the digestive system.

Also, always try to drink plenty of water as it increases the metabolic rate, dilutes the chemicals, and flushes them out of your body. So, we have had a good amount of discussion on an anti detox diet; now let us prepare a plan to be followed. 

Daily Plan Acne Detox Diet

Please remember, that you are not supposed to consume any unhealthy foods while following the acne detox diet plan. Be very honest to yourself and follow it without any break in routine. Modify the plan according to your requirements and then stick to it! 

  • Early Morning: Start your day with lemon juice and warm water. It will act as a master cleanser and will flush out chemicals from your body.
  • Breakfast: Prepare a salad with fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C and fiber respectively. Fruits such as grapes, orange, guava, berries, etc., and vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, radish, cabbage, etc. These fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients.
  • Brunch (i.e., around 11 a.m.): Here, you can either go for a glass of juice (not sweetened) or a handful of nuts.
  • Afternoon: In the afternoon, prepare a fruit salad made of apples, melon, peach, avocado, and apricot. Your diet is based on fruits, vegetables, and nuts. So, you can add variety to your diet.
  • Evening: Again, you can go for a handful of nuts or a glass of unsweetened juice.
  • Dinner: Remember to take dinner around 8 pm, no delays! You can either eat a fish or salad at night. Fish is rich in omega 3 and it is really healthy for your body and organs.

This is a rough outline of the acne detox diet plan. Please never forget to drink plenty of water at regular intervals. Also, you need to follow this diet for a short time interval, so be careful and don’t include any of the following food items in your diet: 

  • Avoid fried and fatty food
  • Avoid processed and canned food
  • Avoid eating non-vegetarian products
  • Do not consume sweetened food items
  • Limit the consumption of dairy food 

Acne Cure Diet Foods

If you can spend half of what you spend on cosmetic products, on your diet, the problematic acne might disappear for good. Although there is no relevant conclusion (research still continues to find the exact answers) as to whether a certain kind of diet helps in the prevention and cure of acne or not; it would not be wrong to say that a healthy diet is always good to have by your side and many claims to have been cured of the problem because they stick to a healthy diet.

And after all, isn’t a healthy lifestyle the thing we all aspire for and strive to achieve? Coming back to the issue at hand – the causes may be many: from hormonal imbalances to blood sugar levels to inflammation and so on, but a proper diet, healthy to the core, can definitely prevent the acne from worsening and eventually act as a cause of the cure. What we have for you in the section below: the acne cure diet foods and the tips will help you achieve acne-free skin.

Water & Other Fluids

Although it is technically not food, it is absolutely essential for living, and healthy living. You might drink it whenever you feel thirsty, but to make the best use of water and its natural blessings; you ought to drink at least 8-10 glasses per day. Regardless of whether you feel thirsty or not. It will help to flush all the toxins out of your system and leaving you with healthier-looking skin. Also, include fresh fruit juices and coconut water in your regular diet for better results.


Old stories, time and again, have mentioned it as a “food with healing properties”. Even modern scientific research has backed up the validity of the health benefits provided by Garlic. You can either consume dishes in which garlic is a key ingredient or have a clove of it in the morning, every day, to avail of its benefits. It will boost up your immune system and will help in neutralizing the body with the invading bacteria, without letting them form any resistance as they do against the pharmaceutical antibiotics. 

Aloe Vera

It’s a miraculous plant that contains beneficial qualities in the form of polysaccharides, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals present in it. The properties of all these, combined, not only reduce inflammation but also speed up the healing process, alleviating pain, improve the vascular flow, thereby reducing the scars to a bare minimum. Testimonies of many people convey excellent results from the usage of plants. The Aloe Vera gel comes in both forms: fit for consumption and application on the skin. Follow the instructions mentioned on the packaging. 

Vitamin A Rich Diet

The inflammatory condition of the skin known as acne releases free radicals in large amounts. It’s recommended by diet experts to consume foods rich in Vitamin A as it acts as a neutralizer to curb the harmful effects of these free radicals, thereby curbing and lessening the problem of acne. Here are some food items that are rich in Vitamin A: Fish liver oils, liver of any origin like beef, pork, and chicken, broccoli, carrot, pumpkin, papaya, mangoes, spinach, etc.

Fiber Rich Food

A diet rich in fiber helps in clearing out the colon of the toxic elements, thereby preventing the formation of acne. These elements, if not expelled from the body will counteract the immunity of the body, which in turn, apart from the acne will also result in other fatal diseases. Dietary sources such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, bran, lentils, and whole cereals are rich in fiber. Consuming a high fiber diet on a daily basis will result in frequent and clear bowel movements and freeing your body of these toxins.

Acne Cure Diet Tips

  • Apart from the above food items, you can also include seafood in your regular diet. Salmon, Mackerel, Tuna, and Harding are all rich in Selenium and Zinc and are known to be a successful cure for acne.
  • Green tea is known to possess powerful antioxidant properties and helps the body to get rid of toxins. Have at least 2 cups of organic green tea daily.
  • Fruits are not only rich in vitamins and minerals but also help in clearing up the stomach. A clear stomach has always been a key to good health, including acne-free skin.
  • Avoid a high-fat meal in your diet as when it goes into your bloodstream, it blocks the insulin receptors in the cells, thereby increasing insulin resistance.
  • Also, avoid smoking and alcohol consumption if you are looking to cure the problem of acne. 

Including the food items, mentioned above, in your regular diet and sticking to the tips will help in the treatment and prevention of acne.

Cover Image by Kjerstin Michaela from Pixabay

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