The Correlation Between Finance, Health, And Relationships

Balance Your Life – The Correlation Between Finance, Health, And Relationships

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Have you ever thought about why some people seem to get it all in life, and are on a ‘lucky’ ride, whereas others are struggling with different areas in their lives, and just do not seem to get ahead? Indeed, some people happen to be at the right place at the right times, and unfortunately, others experience severe setbacks in their lives. But this is not what this post wants to focus on.

More importantly, this post is about balancing life. Different aspects of life are so interconnected with each other, that a slight change in one area can influence other areas. Often, people ignore that fact, and they focus on one particular area they care about most at that particular time, only to watch other areas deteriorate over time. To be more specific, there are three main areas, which are extremely interconnected and dependent on each other:

  • Finance, or the means necessary to stay alive, have shelter, and potentially gain wealth.
  • Health, or your physical appearance and your psychological state of mind and how you come across.
  • Relationships, or the people you know, your partner, and how you and others connect.

It is fairly simplistic to focus on one particular area of life, something you want to improve. Many people do this.

A fresh graduate might fully focus on his finance, in order to establish a solid financial basis from which he can grow. But what he might no realize, is that potentially his health might suffer; he is getting sleepless nights from all the hard work, he might have started drinking a little bit and might have other physical problems. It is well possible that his hard-working mentality is slowly moving him towards having a burnout, and actually, he gained a lot of weight due to a lack of fitness.

Luckily, our fresh graduate recognizes the problem and seeks out for another job, something that would help him to focus more on his health. What he realizes only now, is that he has cared so little about his relationships, that these have deteriorated. Many jobs are available through personal social networks, and only now he realizes that he has none.

Let’s have a closer look at each of the categories:


Money is what you need in order to survive. You need money to find shelter, to buy food, and to buy clothing. Having a focus on the Finance area means focusing on things like employment and career, setting up a business, frugal living, and establishing a safe haven in financial terms.

Finance is very dependent on your health and your existing relationships. If you are not healthy, both physically or psychologically, you might not be able to perform as it is required; you might have less energy or become overweight. This might in the end cause you to lose your job, or prevent employers from hiring you. Additionally, relationships are important to advance in any career, or to find customers for your business. A too-small social network can also impact your finance in a negative way.


Health means staying fit and energetic physically and being confident and healthy in your mind. Being in good health means longer life, having more energy for the day, and simply looking at your best. Being in good health means you will be able to connect with people more easily, you are prone to getting a job faster and potentially at better pay.

Health is very dependent on finance and relationships. Without the necessary funds, you will perhaps not be able to go to a fitness club or pay the doctor’s bills when you get sick. Without these financial means, it is difficult to get back into shape and to maintain health. Additionally, having a very small or no social network can actually make you ill. Depressions, sleeplessness, up to cardiac arrhythmia are some symptoms of prolonged periods of loneliness.


Relationships focus on all the people around you, your family, relatives, close friends, more distant friends, as well as colleagues, and business partners. Relationships are so important because, in the end, we are social beings, and we generally love to socialize, some more and some less. Having a large social network can help you in getting all the good jobs that never get advertised, they can help you through tough times, and they can help you to build your knowledge and to gain mentors.

Relationships are, however, very dependent on your financial and health situation. Being in a very poor financial position means that your possibilities of going out and socializing with people are little, as you might not be able to afford that lunch or the cocktail.

Also, people generally connect with people alike, so you might not be able to get in touch or connect with those people you potentially want to connect with. Additionally, poor health might scare people away. They might see that something is not right, or they simply feel that you have nothing in common with them. Also, being sick frequently may result in you having to stay home for larger periods, making it difficult to meet people.


Finance, health, and relationships are connected. Whereas many people usually focus on one area in their lives at times, it makes good sense to dedicate your time to focus on each area of your life simultaneously. The biggest challenge is to keep your life in balance and making the financial, health, and relationship areas of your life work together, so that your life can be more challenging and more interesting, and that you can grow as a person.

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