Facts about Art Purchases by Couples

Facts about Art Purchases by Couples

Art purchases undoubtedly involve objects of desire. Putting up a work of art in your home or workspace provides instant décor uplift. A vintage piece of art or an inspiring painting invokes emotions not only in the person who purchased it but in all those who exist around it.

An artwork instantly commands respect and attention, even if it is disliked. People have strong emotions attached to liking or disliking a piece of art. Art purchases are great conversation starters. While females are inclined towards the pleasing features of artwork, males are swayed more by the functionality of art. Let us explore some more facts about art purchases.

What Drives Couples to Purchase Art?

Couples purchase art for various reasons. Some couples would simply like to add meaning to their décor with an original painting while others are looking at their art purchase as a piece of investment that is likely to fetch good returns on being resold. While some couples prefer to possess only an original work of art, others are quite satisfied with any kind of imitation. Several couples find it difficult to choose between paintings and photographs. While photographs depict reality and are quick to strike a connection with a viewer, a painting allows the painter’s personality to be explored. A painting is more open to interpretation depending on several factors right from the subject of the art to the materials used to depict it.

Once the choice of art purchase is final, the next concern is about framing it for display. From wood frames available in a variety of textures and metal frames available in a wood-like finish to plaster frames that seem to suggest the passage of time, the choices are plenty. The images need to be framed by the glass but they must also be protected from moisture that’s likely to settle on the glass surface. Check out décor publications or art galleries to get an idea about the best way to display your art purchase. If one of the partners is dissatisfied with the purchase, it can cause a great deal of stress. An original work of art needs tender loving care and protection which is difficult if someone has a strong dislike for it.

Things to Remember about Art Purchases

Art purchases must be made by mutual agreement and must be deferred if either partner harbors dislike for the artwork. Do not bow to the pressure of cynical marketing and make an impulsive purchase. Check for the authenticity of the artwork before you purchase it. Understand the procedure for insurance, resale, etc. In the case of an artwork. Do not buy something you don’t like just because someone recommends it.

Art is a very personal choice and it would be truly ironic to display a work of art purely because it is thought to be good, even though you do not appreciate it as a couple. Make art purchases as if you were choosing expensive jewelry or clothes, both of you need to like how it looks and it needs to inspire a feeling of achievement in both of you.

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