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7 Easy Winter Wedding Dress Ideas

7 Easy Winter Wedding Dress Ideas

Tying the marital knot in the winter season has its own charm and beauty. While every season has its individual fashion and style, winters truly are icing on the cake, for speaking those precious two words “I do” amidst snowflakes and white landscapes make the occasion all the more romantic and magical.

However, the only problem that arises with a winter wedding is the cold weather that compels you to think a hundred times before you finalize your wedding dress. For, you cannot put on a strapless or noodle-strap gown and walk the aisle shivering.

Also, by wearing loads of woolens to protect yourself from the cold, you’ll find yourself lost somewhere amongst the guests. Thus, to look beautiful and elegant while keeping warm at the same time, you need to pick a dress and team it with the right warmers. I Hope, these ideas will come to your rescue with perfect winter wedding attire


Those traditional white wedding dresses, stuffed with silk, lace, and tulle, have long been replaced with trendy and elegant options. Since it’s a winter wedding, you can choose from warm hues of forest green, deep blue, burgundy, or black. To add on, classic colors, such as ivory and egg white are increasingly getting popular. 


Instead of picking your wedding ensemble in light fabrics, opt for rich and heavy materials that will keep you warm from within, such as crushed velvet, duchess satin, crepe, moiré, taffeta, and silk brocade. The options are numerous. With a little research, you can style your winter wedding without missing the most important element of it – your wedding dress. You can even go for two different fabrics inside for extra warmth while using a different fabric outside. 


You want to look your best and stand out in the crowd on your wedding day. To do this, you do not necessarily have to wear a knee-length gown or a short dress to reveal your sexy figure. Highlight your personality with a full-length ball gown. The main idea is to keep yourself warm and not freezing yourself to death. Even the traditional full-length cathedral trains look appealing for a winter wedding. 


Unlike strapless, noodle straps, and halter necks that can easily be carried off in a wedding that is held during summer, spring, or autumn, it’s different when it comes to a wintertime wedding. You wouldn’t want those goosebumps running down your hands due to the chilling cold, right? So here enter long sleeves. Do not assume them to be those old conventional bland long sleeves.

Made from laces and embellished with different fabrics, they cover up some portion of your arm and extend all the way to your wrist, giving you a luxurious look. Puff sleeves, sheer sleeves, butterfly sleeves, and ¾ sleeves, too, are in this year. Go, grab your take!


Complete your wedding attire with a stylish and elegant neckline while keeping you warm as well. If you’ve opted for full sleeves, grace up the cuffs and neck with fur. Also, portrait neck, deep ‘V’ neck, and sweetheart’s neck look awesome with full sleeves. If you cannot resist putting on a strapless gown, complement it with a cropped sheer jacket with embellishments to finish off the look. 


Invest a good warm cover-up to stay warm and look beautiful. Pull off thermal leggings or heavy white tights under your wedding gown. If the thermals give you a heavy feel, get light with silk thermal pants. Carry a fur stole falling off your hands for a pretty look. In addition, fur shrugs are a popular accessory for brides. Tie it at the front with lace for that touch of femininity.

Satin bolero jackets are the best bets for cold weddings. Protect yourself with sheer gloves, sating loves, or lace gloves for a perfect winter wedding bride. And if you wish to spend some time outside clicking pictures or traveling from the ceremony to the reception, faux fur-trimmed hooded cloaks are an ideal choice. Don a lovely hairstyle and accessorize it with a rhinestone snowflake comb. 


Do not commit the mistake of wearing your wedding heels from your home to the wedding venue. You’ll either reach with just one heel or all covered up in the snow. Step into boots while traveling and change into your wedding shoes once you are at the venue. Pick up from closed-toe, closed-heel shoes, white winter boots, or Victorian-inspired lace-up heels. Choose those in fabric or leather to keep your feet warm. 

Adapt these few creative ideas and spruce up your winter wedding ensemble. Look gorgeous like one in a million and say “I do” proudly and warmly, without freezing!

Cover Image by Alemko Coksa from Pixabay

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