8 Easy Ways To Get Perfect Lips

8 Easy Ways To Get Perfect Lips

The hunt for perfection is never-ending. Perception of perfection changes all too often, yet we are in no way ready to relent in our quest to attain it. Perfect lips are a symbol of beauty and this claim has only been reinforced by recent studies, which suggest that full lips are an external manifestation of fertility in women. The studies go on to suggest that this is the reason why men are attracted to women who are endowed with full lips.

Now, unless you are going for something as drastic as plastic surgery, there is not much you can do about how your lips really are. However, that does not in any way mean that you cannot tinker with how they appear to others. Lipsticks and other cosmetics used on the lips use this technique to present the lips as fuller and attractive. In addition, there are certainly other methods which if practiced can eventually lead to a perfect pout you have been yearning for. 

Ways To Attain Perfect Lips

Let’s be clear on one thing. If you can afford botox or other surgical methods, then they most certainly would serve the purpose better. But, that is not to say that these methods compare unfavorably to the surgical methods. In fact, these methods are found to have brought a significant change in the appearance of many lips and all that on a throwaway budget. 

Apply Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen on your lips, more so if you smoke. Sounds weird? Well, the logic is that the lips are extremely delicate. Other than the obvious function as a shield from sunlight, sunscreens reduce the dehydration of lips caused by smoking. Smoking, as you might know very well, discolors the lips. Sunscreen, in addition to protection from harmful rays of the sun, also prevents discoloration from smoking.

Exfoliate The Lips

Exfoliation helps lips as it does other parts of the skin. Shedding the old skin gives it a fresh look and makes it soft. It is best done using a toothbrush in a circular motion. Moisturizing the lips after exfoliation is a must to prevent a dehydrated look. Following the procedure once a week is advisable. Also, make sure that you do not scrub too hard as lips are very sensitive. 

Exfoliation Using Exfoliants

Exfoliation can also be carried out with the help of exfoliants, which can be easily made at home. These homemade recipes not only exfoliate the lips but also add to their health. Rosewater and sugar are two of the most popular exfoliants. Other exfoliants such as a mixture of baking soda and water can also be easily made at home. 

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking water is another way of keeping your lips fresh. You must have noticed that when you are thirsty your lips are the area that looks and feels the most parched. Dry lips are not only a sore sight, but it also indicates a lack of health. Drinking water keeps your lips hydrated, thus giving them a fresh look. To add to it, drinking water is also beneficial to the body and helps the face retain a glowing look. 

Use Lip Balm

It is advisable to use lip balms before you apply lipstick. This serves the dual purpose of not only giving your coat of lipstick a lasting finish but also protect your lips from any harmful chemicals that might be present in the lipstick. The combined effect of the lip balm and lipstick offers attractive full lips that are very enticing. Lip balms on their own also give the lips a fuller look when applied in the right manner. This also prevents the lipstick from cracking. 

Moisturize The Lips

Moisturizing the lips is another important step in your quest to attain the perfect lips. This can be carried out every night for a glowing look the next morning. Apply a thick coat of moisturizer on your lips before you go to bed. During the course of the night, your lips will absorb the moisturizer. Your lips will be in perfect shape. Moisturizing by rubbing water over your lips is also another popular ploy in the quest to perfect lips.

A Healthy Diet

There is nothing like a healthy diet. The adage is so true where the body and its beauty are concerned. A healthy diet results in a healthy body, of which the lips are apart. The fruits and vegetables in your diet keep your lips hydrated. A healthy diet also means that you will be in the pink of health, thus contributing to a naturally fresh look on your face and lips as well. 

These aforementioned tips will help you flaunt beautiful, plump, pink-looking lips sans going under the knife. The best bet any day!

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